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Social Media Marketing

Drive impact through a social media marketing strategy that prioritizes creating quality content to engage your audience.

What Social Media Marketing Means To Us

Success for social media marketing isn’t just posting stuff, but creating a strategy that helps your company get discovered while building and engaging with a community!

Strategy Development​

It all starts with a social strategy, custom made for you and your specific goals!

Content Creation

From video and photos, to blogs post and graphic design, we create content meant to tell your story on social media.

Community Management

Social media is meant to be social! We make sure that no comment or message goes unanswered!

Paid Advertising

A little bit of advertising can go a long way! Social media ads are inexpensive and can give your page a huge boost!

Page Optimization

We review and optimize your social media pages to make sure your online presence is exactly the way it should be!


No matter the question, our team is ready to answer it and give recommendations on best practices you can implement.

Your Social Media Management Partner

Social media marketing is crucial for businesses big and small in Milwaukee and everywhere else in the country!

The landscape of social media is always evolving. In the last few years, nearly everything about what makes a successful social media strategy has changed.
That is why having a partner who is fully entrenched in these changes, while having an in-depth understanding of your business and goals, is so important. We understand how to build a social presence that increases engagement, attracts new customers, grows your business, and is something to be proud of.

Social media marketing is our passion and you will see that passion reflected in the content we create and the custom strategies we develop. While many people claim to “know” social media, there are not many who love it like we do!

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Our Approach to Social Media Management

When it comes to measuring social media success, where does your mind go? Follower count? Leads? For us, we think of engagement.

We call ourselves an engagement-first social media agency. We know that focusing on growing engagement first leads to you accomplishing all the other goals that you might have for your organization. By thinking this way, we are forcing social media algorithms to show your content to more people. This leads to even more people seeing your content, turning them into followers, and then finally, having them become new customers.

Trusting SocialSurge to manage your strategy means that you are going to get original, engaging content that will drive success in all other areas.

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Featured Projects​

The Free Guide to Simplifying Social Media!

We created a 100% FREE guide to help your small business tackle social media on its own. This guide goes over building an ideal customer profile, creating a content strategy, developing a social strategy, and paid ads. We don’t even need your email.

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We work with most social media platforms! The majority of the platforms we work with include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. We definitely still do work with others such as X (Twitter), Pinterest, YouTube, and more! 

There are a variety of factors such as how often we're posting, which platforms we're posting on, if we're creating the content, and much more!  Typically, our monthly social media marketing services range from $1,500 - $5,000+ per month.

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