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Our Process

From the moment you decide to reach out to us at SocialSurge, we want you to see just how important process, organization, and transparency are to our team (transparency is one of our core values after all). Whether you’re curious about our sales process, want to know what onboarding looks like, or are interested in what the day-to-day of working with us is like, you’ll find all the details right here!

Our Sales Process

Quick Chat

We start with a quick, 15-minute phone conversation to discuss your goals and confirm that we would be a good fit for each other!

This is a 60-minute meeting to get to know each other better and discuss the potential services that could best help you meet your goals.


Within one week of our ‘Scope of Services’ meeting, we will email you your customized digital marketing proposal.

Your First 6 Weeks


Estimated timeframe: 1 week

During onboarding, our primary focus is ensuring we lay the groundwork for our partnership and take care of all our initial housekeeping items. This is when you get to meet your team, discuss goals and expectations, and set KPIs.


Estimated timeframe: 2 - 3 weeks

We then start our discovery and strategy development. Utilizing the information you provide as a starting point, we complete our own research which includes a marketplace analysis, competitor research, and a deep dive into your current data. We then compile our discovery findings to present to your team in our ‘Kickoff Meeting’. During this meeting, we present our findings, describe how that information influences our overall strategy, and what we recommend to meet your goals and accomplish our KPIs.

Quick Wins

Estimated timeframe: 2 weeks

The last step is to complete some Quick Wins which help get your strategy started on the right foot! We focus on completing the “low-hanging fruit” that will make the biggest and fastest impact. This is also your time to provide as much feedback as you want on our recommended strategy, ask questions, and let us know what adjustments might be needed to make you feel comfortable with our strategy.

After Your First 6 Weeks

Ongoing Execution

Estimated timeframe: Ongoing

Once we have an approved strategy and have accomplished our Quick Wins, we start executing your strategy. We constantly communicate with clients to get content approved, give a heads-up on changes and recommendations, and take requests as you need them.

We are also continually learning and improving your strategy to ensure things don’t go stale or results stop coming. We do this through a quarterly planning process where we look ahead on the calendar and recommend how to move your strategy forward. We also meet with each of our clients monthly (at minimum) to show analytics, discuss results, and review your plan to make necessary changes.

Graphic of the Process of working with SocialSurge and Ongoing Execution of Strategy

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