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Common Links Construction

Common Links Construction is a steel studding and drywall subcontractor in the Milwaukee area that specializes in large commercial projects.

Now I know what you’re thinking, steel studding and drywall doesn’t sound all that interesting. That is what we thought too, until we learned about all the amazing projects their team has worked on throughout Milwaukee and Madison.

Showcasing those projects was exactly the problem they were looking to solve through a redesign of their website and a brand-new social media strategy.

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Social Media, Web Design


We could not be happier having SocialSurge Marketing as part of our team. Bringing them on to manage our social media pages and our website was one of the smartest decisions we've made. Their staff is very helpful and flexible with our needs. I highly recommend SocialSurge Marketing.

Michele Cartwright



Yearly Social Media Impressions



Yearly Social Media Engagement


Photo/Video Shoots

Content Creation

We knew that to accomplish the goals we set, we were going to need a lot of content. Luckily, Common Links Construction has no shortage of projects we can use to capture content. On a regular cadence, we go on-site with the Common Links team to take photos and videos of the amazing things they are building! Some of our favorites include Camp Randall, The Trade Hotel, the New Marquette Business School, and the Milwaukee Athletic Club (where we got some great drone footage)!

Milwaukee Wisconsin Construction Projects by Common Links Construction

Social Media Results

Starting a social media strategy from zero is always a major challenge, but our team was ready to take it on! Using the new content we captured, we started experimenting in order to see what types of posts were going to resonate with their audience. Over time, we have developed a strategy that engages with their partners and showcases the amazing work that they do.

Social Media Post Performance Analytics for Common Links Construction


Early in 2023, we assisted Common Links Construction with a brand refresh after identifying they did not have any documentation around their brand colors, fonts, or verbiage. Through this project, we were able to help create this documentation, while assisting the team in establishing their brand identity. This included the creation of a brand-new mission statement and values.

Brand Guidelines for Common Links Construction


Common Links Construction massively needed a website redesign. There were some functional issues with the site, and the style didn’t reflect the expertise and creativity their projects displayed. We created a website that had a more modern look and feel, was easier to navigate, showcased projects, and made it easier to apply for positions.

Common Links Website Design

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