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RevOps Co-op

RevOps Co-Op is an online community aimed at helping Revenue Operations Professionals learn, grow, and become thought leaders in a role that is growing quickly in many organizations.

Like many community-based startups, resources were tight. While they were growing at a slow and steady pace, they wanted to evaluate their current marketing strategy to see where they were missing opportunities that could put their growth into overdrive.

While learning more about RevOps Co-Op, it became evident that they had a lot of amazing resources for the people who joined their community. These include a slack channel, free speakers, guides, and other career resources, etc. but they were unsure of how to best leverage them.

We decided to focus our energy on social media and search engine optimization. This attacked their challenges from two different perspectives at the same time.

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Social Media Consulting

Our initial reporting showed that RevOps Co-op had an incredibly engaging social media strategy. After some further analysis, we noticed things were not adding up, especially with their LinkedIn. It turned out that RevOps Co-op was paying for fake engagement, which was inflating their numbers and not telling the real story. Once we advised ending that service, we were able to see a much better picture of their social media success. After a few tweaks to their strategy, their engagement came right back to the same levels as before but this time it was for real!

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SEO Consulting

Building an online community can be hard if no one can find you! RevOps Co-op had found great success building their online community through word-of-mouth, but it was hard for anyone to find them otherwise. We were able to be very aggressive in our SEO tactics in a fairly non-competitive industry, which delivered some incredible results.

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