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21st Century Tile

21st Century Tile was looking to take their social media strategy to the next level. While they did have someone managing their accounts for them, the content had become stale and the performance was not what it used to be. The primary goal for 21st Century Tile was to get in front of as many people in the area as possible, exposing themselves to new customers.

During our initial audit, we learned that 21st Century Tile had a lot to offer their audience in knowledge, expertise, and fun. Their team was ready and excited to showcase their incredible warehouse filled with stylish tile and designs in a way that was friendly and engaging.

To best showcase our strategy we selected TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook as their primary channels partnered with a paid advertising strategy to help with brand awareness.

Project Overview


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Facebook Impressions



Instagram Engagement


Instagram Followers


A neglected Facebook strategy is easy to improve. Using what we saw success with on Instagram and TikTok, we were able to improve the results of the Facebook page, making it a real engagement machine that reaches thousands of people each month.

21st Century Tile Facebook Post Performance Analytics


While the 21st Century Tile Instagram account had seen some success in the past, we knew there was still a lot of untapped potential. Using a mix of video content, paid advertising, and a focus on engagement, we took the Instagram results to another level.

21st Century Tile Instagram Post Performance Analytics


21st Century Tile always had creative TikTok ideas we loved, but we saw there was an opportunity to optimize and be more timely with the content being posted. These optimizations lead to 3x the growth in the average video views and a new growing audience.

Screenshots of Tiktok content for 21st Century Tile

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