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Performance Asset Management

“I want to dominate.” That was what the owner of Performance Asset Management (PAM) told us when we had our initial conversations about their marketing strategy. PAM is a property management company based in Milwaukee, WI that operates in one of the most competitive industries. They compete to attract real estate investors while finding quality residents for their properties.

In order to best compete in Milwaukee, we worked with PAM to identify their ideal customer profile and how they search for property management companies. After that exercise, we identified a website redesign, search engine optimization, and social media strategy as the best ways to reach that audience of investors.

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Search Engine Optimization

With a website that is free of errors and an upgraded navigation, we were ready to start ranking! We focused on creating new website pages that talked about specific neighborhoods and cities in the Milwaukee area along with other blogs and educational pieces. After a short ramp-up period, we started to see great results, more than tripling the number of keywords they were ranking for!

Ranking Keywords Analytics for PAM

Social Media

Our social media strategy needed to serve many different audiences including both investors and residents looking to rent one of the properties they managed. We took a balanced approach and customized the strategy based on the platforms where the content was being posted. With this in mind, we turned an almost non-existent strategy into something effective and engaging.

Social Media Post Performance Analytics for PAM

Website Redesign

Before we started trying to rank for more keywords and send traffic to the PAM website, it needed a refresh. Many errors were holding them back from SEO success as well as some navigation issues that needed to be solved. We helped them create a simple design that was fast and easy to navigate, and set them up for long-term success.

Performance Asset Management Website Design

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