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The Story of SocialSurge


Now, this is a story all about how
Our lives got flipped-turned upside down
And we’d like to take a minute, Just let our story emerge
And we can tell you about how we became the owners of SocialSurge

In Racine, WI born and raised
At Case High is where we spent most of our days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
Then out to UW-Whitewater for a little more school
Just a couple of guys who started their careers
Started getting ideas over a couple of beers
Got one little idea and that was enough talking
We said “You’re movin’ with your idea for an agency in Milwaukee”

We came up with some names about seven or eight
And we yelled when we found it “Yo homes, SocialSurge!”
We looked at our communities
That’s who we decided to serve
That’s how we became what is now SocialSurge

Eric Pointing Left

Meet The Team

Kevin Nelsen

Co-Owner | Head of Marketing​

Hi Everyone! My name is Kevin Nelsen. I was born and raised right here in SE Wisconsin and have a degree in Internet and Direct Marketing from UW-Whitewater. After graduation, I held a number of different positions in marketing and sales in a variety of different industries. Most recently before SocialSurge, I was the Manager of Demand Generation and Partnerships for a SaaS company based out of Milwaukee and Boston. Throughout that time I found my joy in working with social media, content, and paid advertising. I am excited to start working with you, small business owners, and bring my experience to take you to the next level!

Eric Hess

Co-Owner | Head of Accounts

Hey there! My name is Eric Hess, and you can catch me hanging around downtown Milwaukee. Unlike most people in this industry, I graduated with a finance degree from UW-Whitewater, and I joined the investments field out of college.

I enjoy analyzing numbers, but I fell in love with helping people and building relationships during my first job out of college. That’s exactly what my role at SocialSurge Marketing is, and I’d love to grab a coffee or beer or just chat with you!

Maddie Rashid

Digital Marketing Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Maddie. I grew up in the Milwaukee area and attended school at UW-Madison for a degree in Communication Arts and a minor in Digital Studies (Go Badgers!). In my role, I assist with social media curation, digital marketing practices, and website content for our clients.

In my free time, you can find me working out at the gym, discovering new music, reading, or obsessing over any and all dogs on the Internet.

Tommy Ciampa

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kelly SocialSurge Headshot

Kelly Baumgart

Web Designer

Camille Jurgella Headshot SocialSurge

Camille Jurgella

Digital Marketing Specialist

Chandler Sullivan Headshot

Chandler Sullivan

Content Specialist

Hannah Headshot

Hannah Birkholz

Web Designer

Brooklyn Headshot


Graphic Designer

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