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Simplifying Social Media​

Created for Small Businesses


I think we both know why you’re here… you want to learn how to create an incredible social media strategy for your small business that is going to take your business to the next level!

Now I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but I am willing to bet you fit into one of a couple of categories when it comes to social media marketing:

  • You are just starting out and are wondering where to begin
  • You have already started, but you just aren’t finding the success you expected
  • You’ve been trying to learn, but all the content out there makes social media marketing seem incredibly complicated and time-consuming
  • You’re really trying to sleep and this guide seemed like a good way to make you tired

Did I nail it?

No matter which one of these applies to you, or even if your reasons are different, we made this guide just for you.

The truth is, social media marketing really isn’t that complicated.

Yes I know, there are many marketing “gurus” out there that will tell you that you need a complicated strategy that requires 100 posts per week, complex content, and hours of maintenance work. These ideas couldn’t be further from the truth – a SIMPLE strategy can be far more EFFECTIVE than a complicated one.

That is why we created SocialSurge Marketing in the first place – to provide simple and effective social media strategies that are easy to understand and get results. Our goal has always been to take some of the more complex aspects of social media marketing and boil them down to something that our clients could implement themselves if they wanted to put in the time and effort to do so.

I know, it seems weird for a social media agency to say that many small business owners could do social media on their own, but it’s the truth. This is how we have been able to develop such great relationships with our clients.

That’s why you’re reading this guide. We want to share this information with as many of you as possible.

By the end of this guide, we want you to see that with a little work and knowledge, developing a simple and effective social media strategy really isn’t that hard to do. We want you to forget about all the “hacks”, “marketing secrets”, and complicated jargon that you have heard about social media marketing and help you get back to the basics of what social media is all about. Being social!

By doing this, we hope to give you the confidence to develop your own strategy and see the results you always dreamed of.

Attention: During this guide we will add in notes like this. These are typically notes or quotes we think are crucial for you to know!

Do I need to read this entire guide?

Why is it so important to not skip those steps? Because if you don’t know who you are targeting on social media or what content you are going to post, you are defeating the whole point of social media – to be social.

Most people think about this in reverse. They want to put the cart before the horse and start making the flashy decisions without putting in the groundwork. We are going to flip that today and show you the best way possible to develop a strategy.

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