Simplifying Social Media

Created for Small Businesses


If you are reading this, you have decided that it is time to take this whole social media marketing thing seriously. Glad to hear it! We don’t know why exactly you have waited so long to learn more about creating a winning digital marketing strategy, but the past is the past! All that matters is that you are here now ready to rock n’ roll!

We started SocialSurge Marketing with the idea of helping small businesses grow in their respective markets and hit whatever goals they had for growth. We wanted them to know that you don’t need an elaborate marketing strategy that costs thousands of dollars to be successful. We saw all the marketing agencies out there selling overpriced services with no results for businesses that need to count every penny and knew that there was a place in the market for a company that had small businesses at the forefront of everything they do. Small businesses have unique challenges, so they need a unique marketing agency.

And if we are being completely honest, most of you don’t even need an agency. You don’t need to spend the money to have someone like us run the show for you. You know much more about marketing than you think you do but as a small business owner, you just lack one major resource – Time.

So instead of trying to sell to all of you, we decided to just help. With “Simplifying Social Media: A Small Business Guide”, we want to give you a simple, yet comprehensive guide to creating a marketing strategy that can help you reach all of your business goals while not forcing you to spend hours a day to execute it.

By the end of this guide, we want to show you that marketing strategies don’t need to be complicated to be successful. This guide gives you exactly how we approach marketing strategies for all our small business clients here at SocialSurge Marketing. This is the formula that we have found to be the most successful for all kinds of businesses – from personal trainers and chiropractors to painters and junk removal companies – and it can work for you too!

You have big goals for your business, and you are closer than you think to achieve them.

Attention: During this guide we will add in notes like this. These are typically notes or quotes we think are crucial for you to know!

What does it mean to create a social media strategy? 

What do you think is involved in creating a social media strategy? Your mind probably goes right towards the obvious: Figuring out what channels you are going to use, what time of the day you are going to post, and what you profile picture is going to look like?

While all those things are important and we are going to cover them all in this guide, what if I told you that is only a small part of the process? Most social media strategies fail because they skip some very important steps in the planning process that make or break the entire strategy. So here is the agenda for the rest of the time you are in this guide!

Chapter 2: Creating your content strategy

What type of content is best?

Chapter 4: Paid advertising

Don’t forget about paid ads!

Do I need to read this entire guide?

Why is it so important to not skip those steps? Because if you don’t know who you are targeting on social media or what content you are going to post, you are defeating the whole point of social media – To be social.

Most people think about this in reverse. They want to put the cart before the horse and start making the flashy decisions without putting in the groundwork. We are going to flip that today and show you the best way possible to develop a strategy. 

So let’s dive in… Chapter 1: Building an ideal customer profile

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What’s that word mean?

If you run into any words that you’re having trouble with during this guide remember to check our SEO Glossary!

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