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Why you should NOT use X for your business

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When customers and prospects ask us what social channels we typically recommend, there is one that we hardly ever bring to the table: X, previously known (still pretty well known) as Twitter. While X (or Twitter for us OGs) is still a popular platform, it can be challenging for businesses to use it effectively for several reasons.

Time vs. Value

When choosing social media channels, the main thing to consider is whether the time spent will provide enough value. For many businesses, the answer for utilizing X in your social media strategy is simply no.

In order to be successful on X, you need to invest a lot of time. This includes not only posting content but also engaging in conversations with other users and other posts (or Tweets?). Most businesses aren’t good at this, they post and never revisit it, never even replying to the comments they may get on their own posts. On X, engaging with your audience is the bare minimum and realistically you need to spend hours participating in conversations relevant to your business.

Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok require less time for community management and allow you to spend more time producing high-quality content. While community management is important on any platform, it won’t make or break your success as it does on X.

Difficulty in Standing Out

X is a fast-paced platform. Content needs to be short, concise, and able to grab users’ attention quickly. With millions of posts every minute, it is hard for businesses to stand out.

Brands often try to create a unique personality of X, which requires a consistent tone and voice. Wendy’s is a good example of a brand that has done this successfully. Additionally, X’s character limit can make it hard to share detailed information about your products or services.

Negative Comments & Feedback

X has a reputation for being a platform where users often share negative comments and feedback. While this has the potential to be a great way to address customer concerns, it also has the potential to harm your brand’s reputation. It is especially tough for small businesses that may not have the resources to manage their page effectively.

What types of businesses Should be using X?

Personal brands have the opportunity for success on X as the platform allows them to engage with their customers. Those personal brands can engage in 1:1 conversations with their followers and interact in relevant discussions in their niche. Media companies can benefit from a strong presence on X. Businesses in podcasting, political commentary, news, and similar fields have success on X as users follow these companies as their primary news sources. Finally, commerce companies can benefit from a strong presence on X as they can use it for customer service as well as for product promotion. In order to be successful as a commerce company on X, you have to make sure you have the time and resources to effectively manage the account.

While X has its benefits, it’s not always the best fit for a business’s social media strategy. The significant time commitment, difficulty in standing out, and potential for negative feedback can make it a challenging platform to navigate. When planning your social media strategy, consider your business goals and audience to choose the most effective platforms.

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