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Top Marketing Trends Projected for Remainder of 2023

top marketing trends projected for the remainder of 2023

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The marketing world is everchanging; this is no secret. New trends arise and die off each day, new concepts and platforms introduce themselves, and consumers gain interest and lose it all within the same day. As much as marketing professionals wish we could slow it all down, we can’t. What we can do is stay on top of it all. 

With 2023 officially in full swing, we took a deep dive to find 10 of the top projected marketing trends for the year ahead – and this is what we found. 

1. Long-term Influencer-Brand Relationships

Influencers/Brand Ambassadors are becoming increasingly popular – from promoting businesses to products to specific lifestyle habits and the newest food or drink discovery. And, as we all know, word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to market. 

The general public is far more likely to try something new or make a new purchase if someone they know, idolize, or trust is encouraging them to. Influencer marketing (a collaboration between a brand and an individual with a specific niche and large online following) takes that concept and modernizes it for today’s new digital era. 

There are some brands/businesses that contact influencers to ask them to review a product on their social media and then move along with their lives. However, it’s predicted that more businesses will continue these relationships with continual product sharing and communication to gain better and more long-term influencer relationships in 2023. 

2. Video-Based Content is on the Rise

Some businesses have already begun to ramp up their video-based content for their social media platforms, and this is projected to continue increasing in 2023. Video-based content is becoming dramatically more popular because it can hold a viewer’s attention for longer than a basic static post. 

Video-based content also helps to create a conversation with your viewers and makes the audience feel more of a connection with the business/brand they’re following. 

3. Voice Search Tactics for SEO

Marketers are beginning to recognize the value of including voice search tactics in their SEO strategies. Voice search has been popular for quite a while, as people have been using “Alexa” or “Siri” for basic questions such as: “What’s the weather like outside today?” or “What is 1/4 cup converted to tablespoons?”. Now, voice search digital assistants are beginning to process more customized searches such as “What are vegan restaurants near me?” or “Where can I hike around Milwaukee, WI?”.

Businesses have responded rapidly and well to this recent change by framing how they share their business information. They’re becoming more precise with how they present their offerings, their hours, and their accommodations to help ensure they’ll be found easier.

4. Interactive Content

A great way to get your audience involved in your posts and receive more engagement is by using interactive content. This type of content is specific to asking questions in the copy of posts, sharing quizzes from other websites, or reposting a calculator to let your audience feel involved with your posts as much as possible. 

5. Returning to In-Person Events

Allowing your audience to see your business or products in person and firsthand is a great way to help market yourself. In-person events allow consumers and customers the chance to move beyond a digital screen and gain face-to-face experience with a brand or business they love. Some examples of this are hosting pop-up shops, meet and greets, or sponsoring a tradeshow. 

6. Podcasting

26% of content creators use podcasting to reach their audiences, while 26% of organizations use podcasts to distribute their content. Podcasts help you reach highly engaged audiences and create original, engaging content that listeners can easily download or stream. You can also partner with influencers in your industry to build brand awareness. Podcasting is an easy, low-cost way to market to your audience in a fun and interactive way.

*Try hosting a live podcast on Facebook Live or LinkedIn Live for live feedback and immediate interaction with your audience!

7. Inclusive Marketing

Although we’re on a great track, 2023 is predicted to increase dramatically with inclusivity in marketing. 46% of marketers believe that championing diversity, equity, and inclusion means being culturally relevant on social media for brands. Inclusive marketing strategies can help brands better connect with audiences across different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. 

What marketing trends do you think are still to come in 2023? What do you think about the predictions we found? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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