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Top 4 Advantages of Social Media Advertising

advantages of social media advertising

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“Is social media advertising important anymore?”

The easy answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! According to OBERLO, 2022 is projected to reach 3.96 billion social media users – that means almost half of the world is using social media, and the numbers are projected to continue increasing! Not in your strategy? Time to reconsider since you’re missing out on the advantages of social media advertising!

Many businesses don’t realize how much of an impact social media advertising has on their brand overall. If you can get away with utilizing social media without advertising, then you’re definitely doing something right- maybe you could consider using your money elsewhere! However, this is not the case with most small businesses. So, what are the advantages of social media advertising and why should you consider it, you ask? Keep reading.

Increased Brand Awareness and Recognition

Think about how many new brands you learn about or see-through ads during your daily scroll through Instagram or Facebook. I can name off ads that I am personally served up ALL the time, especially ones I’ve never heard of.

Now, think about how many ads you see multiple times over the course of say, a month. Social media advertising was found to increase brand recognition by almost 80% according to 80%?!? A business will remain top of mind when you constantly see their ad and it’s time to make a purchase. It’s no doubt that advertising gets brands out there.

Reach a New Audience You Can’t Reach Organically

Unless you have an organic strategy put in place to reach a new audience and genuinely put forth the effort there, it’s going to be very difficult to reach new customers organically. This is why we love building social media advertising strategies with clients who haven’t used them before.

With the use of ads, we have the potential to get in front of new faces that weren’t there previously. And while it may not generate leads immediately, as long as you continue advertising, ideally it will have residual effects in the long term.

Grow Your Follower Count

This benefit ties in with reaching a new audience. Again, if you don’t have a dedicated plan set in place to organically grow your following, then you most likely will not be able to do so. With the use of ads, you’re getting in front of thousands of faces. If people like your content, hopefully, they would follow you so they can continue to stay up-to-date with your business.

You can also invite people to “like” your page on Facebook when they like a post, which is the easiest way to get new followers from ads! On Instagram, you can follow people who have liked or commented on your content, and even take an extra step following that and try to interact with them.

Increased Website Traffic

Website traffic is the second biggest marketing channel coming in after social media. Getting users to your website from an ad is a BIG win. The more people who are served up your ad and come to your website, the more potential you’ll have at giving an impression, generating a lead, and building relationships to then build brand loyalty and generate return customers.

If advertising is not built into your social media strategy – it should be! Your business has the potential to grow – allow the benefits of social media advertising to help you!

Don’t know how or where to get started? It may feel daunting! We’re here to help. Check out our other blogs on the topic:

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