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Tips for Being Productive Online

Our tips for Being Productive Online

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How many times have you caught yourself trying to improve your social media marketing strategy and end up finding yourself in a deep, dark hole of trending hashtags and old high school classmate’s Facebook profiles? Or when you’re trying to write a blog and you find yourself with 19 other tabs open doing everything other than writing your story. Don’t worry, it even happens to us. Being on social media and being productive can go hand in hand; It’s just not the easiest task to tackle. We’re here to help you tackle the task, or to at least give you some tips on how to help yourself.

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Before you even log onto any social media sites, write down a list of the goals you wish to accomplish for the day or week for your social media marketing strategy. You’re more likely to complete your daily tasks if you have a list in front of you, straying you away from surfing the latest Kardashian news. Not that I would know anything about that….

Give yourself an incentive. Work for an hour, take a 15-minute break. Take a break and work out. Whatever works for you, do it. Multiple studies have shown time and time again that taking short breaks throughout the day makes you more productive long term. While you’re taking those breaks you’ll be able to come up with plenty of ideas and be able to come back into working even harder. After all, you deserve a break or two!

Remind yourself that you are working. It’s crazy how much a change in mindset can make. If you like working from home, pick a dedicated room or area to be your workspace. If you don’t like working from home, make the drive/walk to a place where you find yourself to be productive. Your favorite coffee shop (here are some awesome ones in Milwaukee) or a library for example. Once you’re there, chances are that you won’t want to waste the drive or walk you just made and you’ll get some actual work done.

Use your phone for good! There are plenty of apps out there that will make you more productive by using them. There are usually productivity tabs on the app store as well. If you have something you want help with, you can search Google if there is already an app out there for what you’re looking for.

How do you manage to get work done while sitting on Facebook? We all know you can’t go into that task of being productive online without some type of plan. So what’s yours?

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