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Tips For Creating Your Business’ Facebook Page

Tips for creating your business' Facebook page

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So you want to take your business to the next level. What’s next? Well, social media marketing can be a huge asset for your company, but many people create a Facebook page for their business and then just leave it. There are plenty of benefits that your company can receive from social media but the very first step is making it look professional. Depending on which social media platform you are using, there are different steps in making each look professional but for the sake of argument let’s use the most popular, Facebook. So you created your business’s Facebook page, now what?

1. Add a profile photo and cover photo

Most of the time companies use their logo for their profile picture. A good idea for a cover photo could be a picture of the company building or items that you sell. People will be able to visualize better what it is that you do and how legit you actually are by the photos you share. If you have a blank Facebook page, potential clients are going to pass right on over you.

2. Edit your “About” page

The more information you have on your page the better. If people don’t know what is it that you do or sell after they read your page, you need to add more descriptive information. You should have a link to your website along with an email and phone number for potential clients to contact you at. The more information you have on your Facebook page the better.

3. Edit custom tabs

When you first start your business Facebook page there is a standard list of tabs. Change them. Have services that you offer? Make sure to add them to the services tab. If you have items that you sell, you’re able to add all of them into your catalog too. The more you can make your Facebook page, customized to your business, the better!

4. Integrate social media accounts to your website

You can put your news feed from your social media accounts on your website. You should give the option to like your page anywhere you possibly can too. Flyers, website, blog, store, anywhere you can that will be seen by your customers. The more places the better.

5. Add admins

If you go through the settings of your page you will find an “add admins” setting. Adding admins allows them to manage your business page, post on the business page, and other various settings that you can allow for. Just make sure that if an employee is no longer with you that you take away their admin title.

Starting a Facebook page for your business is only the first step in the right direction for your business. You have do much more than create a page though. Making sure that you are updating it regularly, customizing, and being social are all huge parts of it.

So you made your social media account, you uploaded pictures, and made everything look great! I know what you are thinking, “Let’s start posting!” but hold on there! Posting statuses and updates might not be as easy as you think. You can’t just start posting things all over the place, remember, if you post something online, you might never be able to take it back. There are some very important things you need to think about when it comes to posts on your business’ page.

Tips For Posting on Social Media


No, I am not talking about the rock band. I am talking about Keeping It Simple Stupid. Long posts that are made up of multiple parts can become confusing for readers to understand. Also, a misplaced comma or period can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Most of your followers on social media are there for instant gratification. They do not want to sit and read a whole paragraph about whatever information you want them to know. They will read the first sentence and then move on to the next piece of information. Keep your posts short, simple, and concise. If a point needs further explaining, provide a link so someone can read more if they are interested. Doing this can go a long way in making your viewers interested in what you have to say!

Make it relevant!

A BIG mistake a lot of people make is not making their posts relevant to what they are trying to accomplish for their business. Remember, this is not your personal page! Keep the life events and pet photos for your personal profile and focus and making your business stronger. Posts should be about new and exciting things that are going on at your business. New menu items, attractions, or special sales and promotions are always great things to inform your customers about. Making your page relevant is what gives you more credibility to your customer and may draw them back to your business

Encourage Interaction

A big part of social media is interacting with your customers. You should plan your posts accordingly so that way your customers can feel involved in your business. Ask questions, Ask for Feedback, and be willing to listen to the opinions of your customers. Interaction leads to the customer feeling like they are invested in your company in some way especially if you take special notice of their feedback and interactions!

Following these simple tips can make your posts fun, interesting, and most importantly, effective. Your posts are the heartbeat of your social media campaign. Make them effective, and the whole campaign can run smoothly.

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