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Tips for Creating a Thank You Page on Your Website

Top tips for creating a thank you page

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When someone fills out a form on your website, what happens? Are they given clear and direct confirmation? Are they left with any questions about what the next steps might be?

Don’t leave ’em hanging!

Thank you pages can be a lot more important and beneficial than you might think!

A thank you page can provide confirmation and information for your leads, customers, or whoever is completing actions such as filling out a form on your website.

You can provide information such as downloadable content, next steps in your process, social proof, and much more!

Unlike an email confirmation, the user doesn’t have the opportunity to archive or delete the information. I mean here that if you send them a follow-up email, they are much less likely to see it than if you redirected them to your thank you page.

What are the benefits of a thank you page?

A big point to remember is that thank you pages should only be able to be reached by completing an action. The only way a website user should be able to get to a thank you page is by filling out a form or making a purchase.

This is important because you know exactly what information is needed on the thank you page. For example, if form ABC was a form for giving out a free eBook, it’s pretty safe to say that the user would be expecting to see the eBook they just gave you your information to on thank you page ABC.

One of the main benefits is that you’re able to create a custom message to the website users you know will be reaching your thank you pages.

Another huge benefit is being able to add a tracking code to your thank you pages. You can create conversions in Google Analytics 4 and Facebook Ads to trigger when someone reaches these pages. You’re then able to see what was the cause of these conversions. Was it organic traffic or social media efforts? These tracking codes will help find the answers!

This is why having various thank you pages on your website for individual forms can be really helpful. Let’s check out some other tips!

What are our top tips for creating a thank you page?

Be very specific

This is so important that we’re going to say it again! Make sure that each form you have on your website has its own thank you page.

Sure, it’ll be more work to set up individual forms on specific pages and then create their own thank you page, but one of the huge benefits of this is that you can be ultra-specific with the content on it to make sure it’s fitting for the user.

It’s going to be a better user experience if someone from our website completes a form on our SEO services page and sees client testimonials from our SEO clients, instead of general reviews.

Explain next steps

By being specific with your forms and thank you pages, you’re also able to be specific with the explanation of what the next steps in the process are! If you’re anything like us, the next steps for one of our services can be quite different than another.

By setting the tone in a positive way from the beginning, you’re giving yourself a better chance to succeed without even talking to anyone yet! Automation can be one of your best friends when it comes to marketing.

Provide social proof

When you’re looking at your website, you should try to provide social proof whenever you can. Client testimonials, videos, past work, and everything in between should be shown on your thank you pages.

Even though a form has been completed, showing social proof is only going to help your cause before you talk to them!

Link to similar content

Since you know what form was filled out to get to your thank you page, you can link to some similar articles, blogs or resources on your website too. You know the most popular content in each category on your site, so you know what else will help them out!

You get the chance to help out this website user and they get more information they’re looking for. Win-Win!

Ask them to follow on social media

What better chance than now to ask someone to follow you on social media. They already are looking for more information about you and your business, and social media is a great way to do this!

Devil’s advocate: We wouldn’t recommend this if you’re not active on social media

Be unique

Last but not least, your thank you pages are a way to show off what type of company you and your brand are! Would you rather see a page that says, “thank you for your submission” or would you rather see a page that tells a story and showcases how awesome you are? Seems like a no-brainer to me!

Getting a thank you page perfect isn’t necessarily easy, but it is definitely worth the time you put into it! Do some testing on different pages of your website and figure out what seems to work best.

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