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Tips For Creating Engaging and Effective Marketing Videos

Tips For Creating Engaging and Effective Marketing Videos

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I am going to make a bold statement here: If you are not doing video marketing, you should probably just not do any marketing at all.

That is a little aggressive… but you get the point.

No matter what your reason is for not using video to your advantage before, we are here to get you over the hump! Here are some tips and advice to get you started on video now and start making you stand out from the rest!

Tips For Creating Engaging and Effective Marketing Videos

1. Pick Good Topics 

There are two different types of topics that should be the most important to you – Trending topics and evergreen topics. Trending topics take advantage of what is going on the news or the trends for today. These topics are valuable for a good short-term boost and may catch the attention of a potential customer. Evergreen topics are a little broader and not quite as impactful, however, you now have a piece you can use for a rainy day. Make sure to have a good mix of evergreen topics and trending topics so you can always have something good coming out.

2. Stop worrying about quality

We have mentioned this in the past, but people underestimate how good the camera is on their phone. Using your phone camera gives you the ability to be spontaneous with your videos and address topics at a moment’s notice. Do not hesitate to whip out your phone, record a quick video, and post it right away. If you are looking for a little bit of a nicer piece, using a phone tripod can be very useful and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Just be sure your content is on point and not many people will care that the video was recorded on a phone.

3. Grab someone’s attention ASAP

There are many ways to do this, but the most common is an editing trick that adds black bars to both the top and bottom of the video. People then add text on these bars to catch someone’s attention as they scroll through their feed. A lot of people use this method because, well, it works. If you are looking for an easy tool to do this on, we recommend Typito. It only costs you $3 to make the video and the effect the text will have on the engagement on your video is extremely worth the money. \

4. KISS – Keep it simple stupid

You don’t need to have a super complex, highly edited, masterpiece of a video to be effective. A script might still be helpful to keep you on track while you’re recording, but really all you should have to do is get in front of a camera and talk confidently about the things you know. You don’t need to make your videos long either. Having something that is even 30 seconds long gives you plenty of time to get your point across and keep the person’s attention.

5. Have some fun and stop being afraid

I get it, you hate hearing the sounds of your own voice and you don’t think that you are “photogenic”, but here is a little secret…. Your face is beautiful and you have the voice of an angel! How’s that for a confidence boost? Creating successful videos has a lot to do with how confident you are and how entertaining you can be. Listen to me carefully – YOU CAN DO THIS! It is not like you are in front of a live audience! Remember, even professional actors don’t get it right on the first take sometimes. Take your time, make your video more than one time, and see what you think looks and sounds the best.

Videos are not just the future they are here right now. We are trying to use video much more often on social and on our blog. Admittedly, we are a little new to it too, but we are excited about the potential of this type of content and think that you should be too.

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