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TikTok: The App Dominating The Marketing World

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It may feel like every day, week, and month there’s something new coming out. A new social media platform, a new photo editing app, or a new trending website to check out. However, one thing, in particular, entered the spotlight in 2020 and has held its hype ever since – TikTok.

If you (somehow) haven’t heard of TikTok yet, TikTok, as defined by [Influencer Marketing Hub] is “a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second to three-minute-long videos on any topic.” Essentially, TikTok is the perfect platform to get lost in time watching videos made by creators, celebrities, and people worldwide.

There are multiple reasons why the strategy behind TikTok works so well and how it encapsulated the world as quickly as it did. This blog contains the top four reasons why we believe TikTok is dominating the marketing world of 2023 (and yes, we may also be speaking from experience).

Attention To Their Audience

As the social media realm grows larger and larger, people’s attention spans are growing smaller and smaller. Paying attention to their audience’s attention span is what makes TikTok such an ideal platform for everyone who believes they don’t have enough time on their hands to pay attention to social media. With the option to scroll past a video as soon as you determine you aren’t interested or to fast forward to the ending of a “DIY” video, no one is stuck “wasting their time” watching an entire full-length YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook video. Either your video catches the attention of your viewer in three seconds, or you just lost a watcher; which will potentially lead to the loss of likes, followers, and money.


TikTok is the perfect app to use when you’re only looking for the type of content you genuinely enjoy. There are no pregnancy announcements from high school friends popping up or political arguments floating around; just content geared toward your interests and post engagements. This creates a feed perfectly geared toward enjoyment, rather than annoyance or repetitiveness. 

TikTok’s feed can range from tips and tricks to DIYs, to dancing videos, to famous musicians and actors vlogging their daily lives – resulting in each viewer constructing their personalized feed filled with clips of things each viewer *wants* to see.

Broadness of Content

Not only is TikTok the perfect place to find content around things you enjoy, but it’s also the perfect place to find content around… well, virtually anything. There has been news leaked on TikTok, secret recipes to try, life hacks, and more that have led to TikTok users learning new things every day. 

TikTok also allows viewers to learn new skills, dances, and information all within the span of a 30-second long video.

Easy to Talk About

If you’ve listened to classrooms, office settings, or even your local gym playlist – you’ll notice TikTok is *everywhere*. A song that came out in the year 2000 could regain its popularity when all of a sudden you hear an 8-year-old singing “this new TikTok song” that was around while you were growing up yourself. 

TikTok is such a popular topic to talk about with others because virtually everyone is on the app and can understand the humor, lingo, and terms to carry a full conversation about something they saw on TikTok that week. And, as they say, word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools there is.

The SocialSurge team is a huge fan of TikTok, and we believe that they are dominating today’s marketing world for so many different reasons. Our team has begun incorporating TikTok into social media clients’ strategies and has even been killing the TikTok game a bit ourselves. If you’d like to see some of our tips, tricks, and day-to-day life – check out our company TikTok!

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