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SEO Guide for Electricians to Help Boost Your Online Presence

SEO guide for electricians to boost online presence

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Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, is now more crucial than ever for local businesses like electricians.

People are increasingly turning to the internet when in need of professional electricians, whether it’s to fix a power outage, install new electrical wiring, or find more information about “electricians near me”.
Securing a top spot on search engine results pages, or “SERPs”, could make your electrical company extremely successful. What’s the reason behind this?

Every day, people use search engines to find local services, including electricians. Moreover, most people trust online reviews for local businesses as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Therefore, a useful initial strategy would be to consider the perspective of someone who might be searching for your electrical services online. How do you begin on this SEO-based journey? Here are some SEO tips for electricians to get started.

Start with an SEO Analysis for Your Electrician Business

You can begin by using a free service like Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer on your electrician business website. This SEO Analyzer will show you the keywords your business is already ranking for, and it will also suggest some additional keywords to simplify the process.

This is the point where you can start thinking like your potential customers. Will these keywords attract the type of traffic you want for your website? Are these the keywords that will answer their questions?

Conduct Search Queries For Electrical Keywords You Want To Rank For

Again, consider the perspective of the potential customers you want viewing your website and potentially hiring your electrical services. Perform two different types of search queries using the electrical keywords you aim to rank for:

First, Search for Your Electrician Business

Search by the name of your electrician business and the name of the electricians in your company. It should be incredibly easy to find your business doing this. If it’s not, there is a chance you either haven’t set up your Google My Business page yet or haven’t optimized it fully.

If you haven’t, take a step back and read our guide on listing and optimizing your Google My Business page for your electrician business.

If you were easily able to find your electrician business, good! Here’s what you want to take a look at:

  • How does your business look from the outside in?
  • Does everything look complete?
  • Do you have enough reviews?
  • Are your reviews positive?

What can you learn here?

Essentially, you need to evaluate if you would choose your electrician business based on the results of that search. If not, now is the time to implement changes. These changes could include:

  • Optimizing your Google My Business Page
  • Increasing reviews from current customers (maybe provide an incentive for these reviews)
  • Addressing negative reviews
  • Enhancing your website and usability (making things user-friendly and easy to navigate)
  • Retarget website/content for wanted keywords

If your electrician business is looking good search-wise, wonderful! Let’s proceed.

Second, Search for the Keywords You Want to Rank for

Consider what a potential customer might search for online. Think about the frequent questions you encounter in your electrician business and use them as search queries. Researching these results will give you insights into your potential customers’ experiences.

Pay attention to the web pages that rank high for your search terms and explore them. Take note of the content on these pages. For instance, if most high-ranking pages prominently feature a video, it would be beneficial for you to incorporate videos as well.

As a local business such as an electrician service, it’s crucial to perform searches like “Electricians near me” or “Wauwatosa Electricians”. You might already have a good ranking for certain keywords, which is excellent, but there will be others where your ranking is lacking.

One significant observation you’ll make is the presence of Google My Business Listings and numerous local directories in these Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

For example, when I searched for the term “Wauwatosa Electricians” on Google, these were the top results I received:

As you can see, the Google My Business listings take up a very large portion of the SERP real-estate. And the first few ranking websites are the local directories, Yelp and Angi.

You’ll want to click into a handful of directory websites and see where your electrician business stands. Since these local directories rank so highly, it’s important to make sure that you give them the attention they require and make sure your profiles are complete, add images, and ask for reviews.

Long story short, people are becoming much smarter online and Google knows it. Google understands that customers value online reviews and are willing to give them a boost for people to get the information that they are looking for. It’s important to make sure you cover all your bases when it comes to SEO because search results are always changing and evolving.

What can you learn here?

After conducting these searches, you’ll be able to figure out roughly where your business stands online, and at least have some idea of what it will take to rank for the keywords you want to rank for.

Then, Choose the Right Keywords

You do all of the hard work it takes to rank number one for a keyword and then nothing happens… SEO must be a dead strategy and it was a waste of time, right?

Absolutely not! SEO for local companies like electrician businesses is amazing – when done correctly.

The biggest mistake people make is not doing keyword research ahead of time to see if there is any value in trying to rank number one for a specific keyword.

Some keywords naturally won’t have any search volume while others have so much that it will be almost impossible to rank for them. For example, a local electrician probably isn’t going to want to try and rank as just an “electrician”.

Some possible keywords could be:

  • Electrician + [your location]
  • Residential Electricians + [expertise]/ [your location]
  • Wauwatosa Electrician

There are numerous keyword variations that you’ll need to explore, which may include the keywords you’ve been considering and searching for.

Compile all of these into a list. We’ll then conduct research to validate or discard these keywords. We use Semrush as our keyword research tool.

This tool will provide you with insights that can aid in determining whether pursuing a keyword is worthwhile. You should focus on the following details:

  • Search Volume – The number of searches a specific keyword has during a month.
  • SEO Difficulty – Estimated competition in organic search, the higher the number the more competitive.
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR) – How often a click-through to a website occurs during a specific search.
  • Other ranking domain scores – How much online authority or domain authority other websites have who rank for a specific keyword.

You’ll also be able to see who is currently ranking for these keywords, what the search trend has been like, and other similar keyword ideas. The page will look something like this (when you scroll down you get more details):

Don’t Forget About Long-Tail Keywords

There is a specific type of keyword called a long-tail keyword which is a more advanced strategy of SEO. A long-tail keyword is usually more of a phrase or laid out like a question.
An example would be: “best electrician for first-time home buyers”. While that keyword may show a very low search volume, it’s long-tail keywords that usually yield the highest conversions. This is something to think about if you feel that a keyword would be a good idea.
Coming up with your list of keywords that you believe are worth going after is your first step in improving the SEO for your electrician business.

If you’re seeking practical ways to apply your newfound knowledge, check out our ‘Beginners Guide to SEO’. The guide’s chapters will help you get the ball rolling!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and good luck!

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