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What To Send To Your Email List

What To Send To Your Email List

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So you’ve collected some emails. You’ve started an email list. You tried sending a monthly newsletter. You didn’t think that it was worth the value, so you gave up. Maybe you never even made it that far, and maybe you’ve never collected a single email from a client (I doubt it).

Chances are, if you’re on our website, you know the value of digital marketing. You’re a smart person – You know that there are ways to utilize client emails to both of your advantages. Let’s go over a few…

Here’s What To Send To Your Email List

1. Start a newsletter

Creating a newsletter is a great way to remind previous clients that you’re around. Sometimes all they need to make another purchase is a reminder. Think of it as a notification for your product. The trick here is to send out your newsletter enough so they remember your brand, but not so much that you’re annoying them. *Easy, right?

2. Run a promotion

Having a sale on one of your products or services? This is the perfect opportunity to make your email list read what you’re sending. You can do this in your newsletter or you can send it individually. Yet another way to remind past clients that you’re around, in a way that won’t annoy them [if done right].

3. Provide your list value

The easiest way to try and assure you’re going to make your email list happy is to give them something useful. It could be something like a promotion mentioned above, or it could be something useful that you can give for free – like a blog showing how to make your Facebook business page stand out or a calculator to decide how much you can afford on a home mortgage. Most of the emails that you send your lists should provide some type of value, rather than asking for something.

4. Ask for something

It’s really important that you don’t overdo this one. Let’s say that again – It’s really important that you don’t overdo this one. If all you’re doing is asking, asking, asking, you’re going to lose a very large percentage of your email list quicker than you can build it. What you’re sending to your email list should look more like: give, give, give, give, give, ask. By sending emails this way, you’re going to make sure that a lot more people are actually going to see and respond to your ask email.

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I mentioned a couple of times to make sure you’re doing something the ‘right way’. You may be asking, “Well, what’s the right way?”. The simple answer, that I’m sure you don’t want to hear, is it’s different for everyone. If there was a cookie-cutter guide on how often to send marketing emails or what to include in these emails, SocialSurge wouldn’t exist. The fun thing about marketing is how every company is different, and every company’s clients need to be treated differently. What works for a bakery isn’t going to work for a CrossFit gym. Trial and error then adapting is the key to success here.

* = Sarcasm

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