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Refining Your Content Strategy for the “Upside Down” (Stranger Things Alternate Universe)

Refining Your Content Strategy for the “Upside Down”

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Written by Dom Savaglio

Everyone hits a creative slump when it comes to creating content, but have you considered that you may not be reaching a large enough swath of your target audience?

There is an entire dimension that is barely being reached by your social media and content efforts: the dark, Stranger Things alternate universe known as “the Upside Down.” Why market to the “Upside Down?”

For starters, there is a considerable population of people that interact or have found themselves in this alternate universe (RIP Barb & Bob, forever in our hearts). There’s also a lot we don’t know about this universe, so we recommend getting ahead of the competition.

Luckily, we’ve come up with a few tips for building that buyer persona and marketing to them!

ǝƃɐnƃuɐl ɹᴉǝɥʇ ʞɐǝdS

Make sure you are writing in a language they will understand. We recommend using a text inversion tool on Google to make this easier.

Channel your inner 1980s

Eighties references reign supreme. The song “1985” by Bowling for Soup is a good place to start if you’re looking for inspiration.

Use dark and neutral color schemes

The “Upside Down” is very bothered by light or warm colors, so we recommend using the darkest colors when marketing to them. If you stray away from dark tones, it’s more than likely that they’ll scroll right past your post.

We’ll leave you with a non-satirical tip: the use of current cultural references (like the return of a popular show) can help you connect with the interests of your target audience.

People interact online with their favorite pop-culture distractions, and it’s the perfect time for your business to have a little fun and engage in the conversation.

(Bonus: If you’re still stumped on how to create content for the “Upside Down,” any reference to Eggo Waffles is guaranteed to be seen by Eleven and her friends. After all, they’ll be down there fighting the good fight to hopefully end the plague of this alternate universe on Hawkins.) We hope you enjoy season 3—Happy binge-watching!

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