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Racine Social Media Marketing Services​

Social media is where your customers are. How do we know that? Eric and Kevin, the owners of SocialSurge Marketing, were born and raised in Racine, WI and have put a lot of energy into making sure that Racine small businesses could benefit from social media marketing services. We both love seeing Racine thrive and to back up that claim, we’ve volunteered a bunch of Racine social media marketing services to local nonprofits, such as Visioning a Greater Racine and Volunteer Center of Racine County. We also are a part of Racine groups, such as Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC) and RelyLocal – Racine. We’re a small Racine business too. So when you thrive, we thrive.

Are Social Media Marketing Services Worth it?

If that isn’t enough for you to believe social media marketing is worth it for your Racine small business, here are a few stats you might like. 68% of U.S. adults have a Facebook page, Instagram is growing at a rate not seen in a long time, and hundreds of thousands of Snapchats are being sent every single day. Social media marketing isn’t optional anymore, it is a requirement, however, it is often times the first thing that drops off when time is limited. We’ve seen it over and over with Racine businesses.

Why Choose a Racine Social Media Marketing Company?

We believe in shopping local ourselves, and we’ve found that small businesses, especially from Racine, love shopping local and helping out our awesome community. And since we’re from Racine, we know what it takes to build a social media following to be proud of and how to use that following to increase engagement, bring new customers, and grow your business. Social media marketing is our passion, and you will see that passion in everything we create and post for you. A lot of people claim to “know” social media, but there is a big difference between knowing how to post a status update, and knowing how to strategically use the tools social media gives you and tie that into the Racine community.


Page & Account Builds
Account Management
Racine targeted Campaigns
Paid Advertising
Content Creation
Social Media Contests
Image/Video Optimization
Social Media Analytics
Review Management


Google Reviews


Local Racine Owners
Increases Engagement
Brand Awareness
Creates a Loyal Community
Search Engine Rankings
Relevant Website Traffic
Valuable Insights

Racine Social Media Marketing Details

Sprout Social Agency Partner

We’ve partnered with who we believe is the best social media management company in the game, Sprout Social. Not only do they help us keep on top of all current social media trends, but they also provide beautifully designed social media scheduling, research tools, analytics and much more! Since we’ve partnered with them, when you work with us, you get access to their tools.

Sprout Social Agency Partner

Racine Workshops

We’re constantly doing free local workshops to help answer commonly asked questions by Racine business owners. You can check our eventbrite page to see what’s next!

Social Media Guide

We created a completely free eBook to really help Racine small businesses simplify their social media marketing strategy.

Social Media

We give away so much content at absolutely no cost. We truly believe in helping the local Racine community and the best way to make sure you don’t miss out is to follow us on social media or to ask for help below!

Racine Marketing Tools

What Do Our Racine Clients Say About Us?

SocialSurge Marketing did and incredible job updating our The Titan Open page. They also helped us streamline our processes so we could gather live data from our website. I would highly recommend SocialSurge Marketing!

Jeanne Andrewski

Eric and Kevin do a fantastic job getting to know their clients and their client’s needs. From there they use their expertise to refine the vision and share it with the world. They do so much more than just social media. If you’re looking for help with your website, newsletter, content creation, or any other online marketing campaign then SSM is the way to go!

Katherine Laine

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