Why Boosting Facebook Posts is a GOOD Strategy!

The Pros and Cons of Boosting a Facebook Post

If you are in charge of a small business Facebook page, I almost guarantee you have heard of boosting posts. I mean, Facebook puts that message in front of your face every few seconds with notifications, in-feed previews and messages telling you how many people you can reach for only $5!

If you are like most other small businesses out there, you are probably skeptical to use it. If you look up boosting posts in Google, you are going to see an article upon article telling you that boosting posts is a waste of time and money and your business should just ignore it.

We completely disagree.

Boosting on Facebook is a GREAT option for small businesses on a limited budget and with limited time.

Boosting posts was something that was introduced by Facebook to make its advertising platform easier to use. Even for someone like me who has spent thousands on their ad platform, I can tell you it is by far one of the most confusing systems that exist in media buying today.

For a small business that wants to just dabble in ads a bit, going through the entire Facebook ad platform just isn’t realistic. I assume you have a lot of other things on your plate, most of which are far more important.

Boosting allows you to use the posts that you already have and broadcast them out to a larger audience quickly, easily, and without the headache of an ad account.

But what are the drawbacks? How do you know if Boosting is the way you should go?

Pros of Boosting a Facebook Post

Quick and Easy – The Facebook ad platform is complicated. There are thousands of different settings, toggles, switches, and options that make it almost impossible for a rookie to understand. Boosting allows you to get your feet wet with Facebook ads and learn, while still getting much of the same benefits.

Cost – Especially at a local level, boosting a post is very inexpensive. It is very easy to spend $5-$10 for a few days to see if you can get something to go viral. In comparison, Facebook sets up fairly large daily minimums for their larger campaigns that can cost you at least $5 per day you run the ads. This means boosting is BY FAR your best option for a limited budget.

Gather Social Proof and Experiment – This is the biggest way we use post boosting in our strategy. If a post is performing super well to your audience, you have gained what we call “social proof.” Meaning that people respond well to the message. This is the perfect post to boost and broadcast out to a larger audience. That audience can very easily be updated as well, so you can always show the ad to new people that you think might respond to it?

Cons of Boost a Facebook Post

Limited Targeting – While boosting a post will allow you to do some very high-level targeting, you will not quite have the same depth of options or targeting you get with Facebook’s advertising platform. While this might not be a big deal all the time, it will become an issue if your post only really resonates with a certain market or you want to be super targeted. You also don’t get the same objectives or payment options that you get with the full platform, but if you have a small budget, it isn’t much of an issue.

Long-Term Strategy – Like we talked about in the Pros section, boosting a post is great for short-term punch, however, boosting posts is not a good long-term strategy. You can waste a lot of money very quickly by just boosting posts all over the place and it might not get you very far. If you are looking to invest in Facebook advertising long-term or with a bigger budget, it might be time to step up your game and dive into the full ads platform.

Facebook does a good job of pushing “Boosting” to small businesses that haven’t done any advertising before. From Facebook’s side, they are looking to collect additional revenue from businesses that would not have done any advertising otherwise. Boosting posts makes advertising cheap enough and easy enough that it takes away a lot of the fear of starting to do some ads.

Boosting posts is the 101 of Facebook advertising. if you have always been curious if Facebook advertising is right for you, boosting is a great way to give it a try at a lower cost and risk for your business.

In the Facebook world we live in today, it is hard to get any sort of organic reach, so boosting is becoming more and more necessary. If you are a small business, give it a try. I think you will be surprised at the benefits you will see from only $20-$100 a month!

Bonus: How to Boost a Facebook Post the Right Way

If you’re going to start boosting Facebook posts, check this article out. It’s a 5-minute guide on how to boost Facebook posts, the way we recommend.

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