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Twin Disc

Twin Disc, based in Racine, WI, came to us looking for help with consulting on their social media strategy. Although they are a large, publicly traded company, they felt their strategy did not reflect who they were as a business. They were having trouble staying consistent as they did not have a resource in-house who had social media as a main responsibility.

In addition, they faced a major issue. Due to an employee getting their Facebook account hacked, they no longer had access to their own Facebook account. No matter how hard they tried, they were not able to get it back. We added this project to the very top of our priority list.

Project Overview




Social Media

Facebook Page Recovery

Once we understood the full story and history of the company page, we started the process of helping recover the Twin Disc Facebook account. We worked directly with the representatives at Facebook to better understand their internal processes and advise Twin Disc on the best next steps for them to take. After months of work that included signed letters from the CEO, background checks, and countless calls and messages with support, we were able to recover the Twin Disc account and transfer ownership back over to their team.

Facebook Post screenshots Twin Disc

Social Media Consulting

With Twin Disc, it was back to basics when it came to their social media strategy. Without a full-time social media resource in-house, their strategy had been pieced together here and there by different people who had handled it over the years without any real expertise. We were able to meet with their team on a regular basis to discuss content strategy, advise on KPIs and how they should judge success, and even walk through algorithm changes and other social media trends. Through our guidance, they were able to make changes to their strategy that humanized their brand and made them much more effective.

Screenshot Facebook Social Media Posts Twin Disc

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