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Top Shelf Apparel

Top Shelf Apparel is an eCommerce men’s artisan Italian clothing store that was looking to increase online revenue. They’ve had a problem in the past with finding and retaining loyal customers and being consistent with their online brand.

We were able to introduce a social paid ads strategy that showcased their premium products to an audience in larger metro areas across the country. We implemented email automation, a regular email marketing newsletter, and helped run and organize sales that kept their efforts profitable.

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Eric and Kevin are great to work with! They've boosted traffic to my website through targeted social media and email marketing campaigns. They get things done professionally, are knowledgeable about current marketing trends, and offer an affordable service.

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Online Sales & Online Orders

We started our partnership with Top Shelf Apparel in October of 2020. As an eCommerce store, Top Shelf Apparel’s agreed-upon success metric was an increase in overall sales. We realized that if we wanted to help them in the long run, we needed to generate more sales, but more specifically, more bottom-line revenue.

By making sure to increase their revenue as much as possible, we turned to Facebook and Instagram ads to give them the best possible ROI in the eCommerce space and added a critical piece of that puzzle, email marketing.

With the entire ecosystem working together, we increased overall sales by over 500% month after month.

Online Orders Top Shelf

Email Automation Success

Email automation was a critical part of the marketing journey we had in place for Top Shelf Apparel’s customers. By bringing in new traffic with social media advertising, we were able to generate a large email list quickly with a 10% off coupon for anyone who wanted to join the list.

We were then able to enter those who signed up into a short, two email automation to help them make their first purchase. On top of that, we created a three email abandoned cart automation for anyone who wasn’t quite ready to make their purchase. By implementing these two simple automations, we influenced over $70,000 in sales in a 7-month period. This was more than 4x their normal 7-month sales on average.

Email Automation Top Shelf

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