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Project Overview

RunFit MKE came to SocialSurge looking for a change. Their previous agency had become less responsive and wasn’t performing up to the standards they were expecting.

We developed an entire new strategy for their website, social media, paid advertising and content in order to drive more traffic to their website and generate leads for their growing business.

We were able to increase basically every marketing metric possible, help her achieve Milwaukee’s Best Personal Trainer in 2019, help her get featured on the news, and grow her team from herself to now four trainers!

Find out what kind of strategies we used to help RunFit MKE reach their goals and learn how we can help your company do the same.

Our Strategy

Social Media Management

At SocialSurge Marketing, our bread and butter lives within social media. It’s who we are as an agency, and it’s exactly why RunFit MKE hired us. The first steps to success with Karen and RunFit MKE started with creating brand new content for their digital marketing strategy. 

We strongly suggest that all of the content on your digital presence tells a similar story. We started with creating content to make sure RunFit MKE’s story was being told the way Karen wanted it to be told. 

One of our favorite projects we’ve ever done was this drone video of Karen running and explaining her favorite, secret running spots in Milwaukee! 

We then created a social media strategy that was as strong as RunFit, and made she we were able to get across the type of fun, exciting, and passionate person she is! She donates 10% of all of her profits to charity! How cool is that?! And she didn’t let anyone on social know she did this! 

Website Updates

When we first started working with RunFit MKE, there was a lot wrong with her website. Misspellings, missing meta descriptions, pages without any titles tag… yikes! 

We helped make all of the proper changes to her site, and of course, make sure the story was the same on her site as it was everywhere else, and the results happened very quickly! 

She’s rankings 1st for a bunch of local terms and even some nationwide terms and in total, she ranks for over 700 organic keywords!


This is not something we typically do, but it speaks to how we love to go above and beyond for our clients. Since working with RunFit, we’ve been able to help her organize multiple events, and create a annual virtual race that she sponsors on their own! And of course, all proceeds go to charity! 

"Eric and Kevin are THE BEST. They have put RunFit MKE on the map - something that I had struggled to do for 2 years before working with them.

The Results

Social Impressions & Engagement

When we first started working with RunFit MKE, she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted from a marketing perspective. We loved the RunFit brand and recommended social media to showcase her brand and help put her story online.

The results were fantastic. RunFit’s target market loved what she had to say, and the results continue to compound. 

We’ve been able to increase engagement across her social media channels by over 712%!  

RunFit Social Media Analytics

Social Growth & Messages

We also wanted to make sure her audience was growing and people her using social media to reach out, ask questions, and get help! The growth of her social media account and business have been amazing to watch. 

We’ve been able to increase her following on Facebook from a hundred of people to over 1,000 local, relevant, and loyal followers! We’ve been able to do the same on Instagram – going from under 100 followers to roughly 900 in the time we’ve worked together. 

We also mentioned above that we’ve been able to help generate over 216 website leads since working together for RunFit MKE. This doesn’t even include all of the inquiries and leads that have came straight off of social media! 

RunFit Analytics growth and messages

Video Testimonial

Karen was nice enough to offer to record a video testimonial for all of the work we’ve done for her and why she loves working with us so much. 

Thank you, Karen! 

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