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Pulaski Inn

Pulaski Inn is a unique catering and banquet hall in Cudahy, WI that caters to weddings, events, and much more! They needed a website that showcased the history, space, and amazing customer service they offer.

The owner, Karen, didn’t have the exact direction she was hoping for, so we got to have a lot of creative say, which we always love.

Their logo used a combination of EB Garamond and Lato fonts and had a dark green color that we used throughout the site too. They had many photographs from events, catering events, and vintage images from the 60s that we were able to add to the website!

Karen told us that the website paid for itself within its first month of being live. This is something we love to hear!

Project Overview

Pulaski Inn Website Design


Consumer Services

Pulaski Inn Banquets and Catering Webpage Design
Pulaski Inn Alpine Room Website Design
Pulaski Inn Banquets and Catering Mobile Website Design
Pulaski Inn Catering Menu Mobile Website Design
Pulaski Inn Alpine Room Mobile Website Design

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