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Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic

Miller Sports and Wellness Chiropractic went through a lot of changes at their business that left them almost starting over. They needed to rebuild their brand, reach new people, and rebuild their client base in order to grow and expand their services. After an extensive search for a marketing agency to partner with, they chose us because of our level of organization and local roots.

We got to work helping them completely overhaul their strategy and adjusting a number of tactics they were using, while also introducing some brand-new ideas as well. As a result, MSWC has grown from 2 employees to 6 over the course of 2 years and has added multiple services to its mix including nutrition and mindset training!

Project Overview




Paid Ads, SEO, Social Media



Organic Facebook Impressions



Facebook Engagement



Chiropractic Practice Growth

Facebook Impressions & Video

Facebook was the platform that we focused most of our social media efforts on. MSWC had a fairly strong presence before we started working with them because of the weekly Facebook lives that Dr. Miller did.

With strategic planning, correct formatting, and consistent posting, we were able to make a big impact quickly.

Though paid ads weren’t a big part of their strategy before we started working with them, our strategy used paid ads as a way to reach their new target market!

Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic Facebook Impressions

Facebook Engagement & Demographics

On Miller Sports and Wellness Chiropractic's Facebook page, we were able to add value through increased engagement on posts. Consistency and creating content geared toward engagement was all it took with Dr. Miller since she already had a loyal audience.

Dr. Miller's target audience was middle-aged women with preexisting health conditions like old ankle injuries, and problematic backs. By gearing content specifically toward this audience, we were able to greatly increase metrics across the board!

Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic Facebook Engagement

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