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Project Overview

Miller Sports and Wellness Chiropractic went through a lot of changes at their business that left them almost starting over. They needed to rebuild their brand, reach new people, and rebuild their client base in order to grow and expand their services.

After an extensive search for a marketing agency to partner with, they chose us because of our level of organization and local roots.

We got to work helping them completely overhaul their strategy and adjusting a number of tactics they were using, while also introducing some brand new ideas as well.

As a result, MSWC has grown from 2 employees to 6 over the course of 2 years and has added multiple services to its mix including nutrition and mindset training!

Find out what kind of strategies we used to help Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic reach their goals and learn how we can help your company do the same.

Our Strategy

Social Media Management

Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic was an awesome client to start working with because Dr. Miller had so much going on right away. She already had a YouTube library consisting over over 100 videos, did a weekly Facebook live and as a result, wasn’t afraid to create awesome digital content. 

All of our social media management strategies start with creating content that will help the business tell their story. MSWC already had this down, but we were able to help make their content look more professional and better fit for how they were as a chiropractic practice. 

The next step in our social media management process is coming up with a long-term and short-term plan for success using social media. Social media is a constantly evolving platform so we make sure to always be flexible, and after we implemented our plan, we were able to increase monthly organic Facebook impressions by 941% and engagement by 831%!

Marketing Automation

After working with MSWC for a couple of months, we learned that she was spending over 10 hours each month, manually sending out reminder emails to past patients.

We were able to set up a comprehensive email automation system to save time, be more efficient, and help with client retention/reengagement. 

Paid Advertising

When we started working with MSWC they mentioned that they have tried Facebook advertising a bunch of times with little to no success. We took a look under the hood to discover that the “ads” they tried were simply a boosted Facebook post here and there to a completely Facebook selected audience with no targeting set into place. 

We helped create customer profiles and created Facebook audiences based on this. For example, a lot of clients Dr. Miller saw were middle aged male runners with running injuries. We were able to set up a very specific audience for this and run targeted ads within a 15 mile radius of her physical location with great success. 

SocialSurge has been amazing. They work seamlessly with my small staff, providing insight and timely feedback that lends itself to a well-planned strategy. They have customized everything specifically for my needs and concerns. I would very highly recommend this team!

The Results

Facebook Impressions & Video

Facebook was the platform that we focused most of our social media efforts on. MSWC had a fairly strong presence before we started working with them because of the weekly Facebook lives that Dr. Miller did. 

With the strategic planning. correct formatting, and consistent posting, we were able to make a big impact really quick. 

Paid ads wasn’t a big part of their strategy before we started working with them either, and we primarily used paid ads with MSWC as a way to reach her new target market! 

MSWC Social impressions and video performance

Facebook Engagement & Demographics

Where we were able to add the most value was with the increased engagement to their posts. Consistency and creating content geared toward engagement was all it took with Dr. Miller since she had a already loyal audience just waiting to be engaged with! 

We were also able to really dial into her target market, middle-aged women with preexisting health conditions. Problems like old ankle injuries, problematic backs, etc. By gearing content specifically toward this audience it was able to greatly increase numbers across the board! 

MSWC Analytics Engagement and Audience

Video Testimonial

Dr. Miller kindly offered to record a testimonial for us and the work we helped her with. MSWC was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Thank you, Dr. Miller! 

Cracking the Code of Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

We’ve also made a resource for our fellow chiropractors. We want to see you succeed. With or without us, so we wrote a blog to help out with Facebook ads specifically for chiropractors! 

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