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When you are looking to grow your business quickly, where do you turn?

Miller Sports and Wellness Chiropractic went through a lot of changes at their business that left them almost starting over. They needed to rebuild their brand, reach new people, and rebuild their client base in order to grow and expand their services.

After an extensive search for a marketing agency to partner with, they chose us because of our level of organization and local roots.

We got to work helping them completely overhaul their strategy and adjusting a number of tactics that were using, while also introducing some brand new ideas as well.

As a result, MSWC has grown from 2 employees to 6 over the course of 2 years and has added multiple services to its mix including nutrition and mindset training.

"SocialSurge has been amazing. They work seamlessly with my small staff, providing insight and timely feedback that lends itself to a well-planned strategy. They have customized everything specifically for my needs and concerns. I would very highly recommend this team!"
Dr. Therese Miller

Cracking the Code of Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

We’ve also made a resource for our fellow chiropractors. We want to see you succeed. With or without us, so we wrote a blog to help out with Facebook ads specifically for chiropractors!