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Project Overview

Marini Manufacturing Inc is an industry-leading provider of precision machined components and assemblies that solves customer problems. Marini Manufacturing came to us to help with the overall tone, strategy and message that was being put out onto their social media pages. Social media marketing is something that they have dabbled into in the past, but hadn’t yet put enough time into it to feel like they knew exactly how to best leverage the tools at their disposal. 

We helped Marini by going through and creating an overall brand profile to make sure their content was hitting the audience they wanted with a heavy focus on engaging content to help educate their audience.

We also have had multiple on-site photo and video shoots to help create the type of content that can really showcase their experience and precision within the industry! 

Find out what kind of strategies we used to help Marini Manufacturing reach their goals and learn how we can help your company do the same.

Our Strategy

Content Development

At SocialSurge we strongly believe that content is still king in the digital world. We started off working together by looking at all of the content that had been already created and what new content we could create! 

There was plenty of professional content taken already, but a lot of it was outdated and with machines and employees that aren’t around anymore. So we went through at made sure we had high-quality, relevant content to start with!

We then took a look at their target market and helped brainstorm ideas that would help Marini stand out on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Updated Tone/Theme

Before working with us, Marini Manufacturing had never created ideal customer profiles or thought about exactly how they wanted their tone and brand to be portrayed online. We got to work to create brand guidelines, content templates and started testing by posting to social!

Organic Social Media

We didn’t stop there. We continue to review the strategy, post new content, engage with their audience and are always looking ahead at what can be done to improve their overall social media and digital strategy overall!

The Results

Social Media Engagement & Impressions

Our agreed upon metric for success wasn’t sales for Marini Manufacturing. He knew that with increased exposure to his brand was exactly what was needed for his strategy. So we ended up focusing on getting his LinkedIn and Facebook pages and content in front of as many people as possible. 

We were able to increase their annual engagement to over double within the first year of working together! 

We were also able to increase the annual impressions to over double in the same timeframe. 

Needless to say, Marini Manufacturing was impressed with what we were able to provide and the brand exposure certainly followed too. 

Social Media Content

Most of the content we were creating during the photo and video shoots was created specifically for social media marketing. We wanted to make sure we were creating content that could be used for engaging posts, informative posts, CTAs and everything in between. We were able to talk to the employees as well to be able to see what they thought would provide the most value, since they were the real masters of the trade.

We were asked if we could help create content for their website that was being made already from a different marketing agency. So we went through to find the best high-quality environments possible to deliver here. As of now, these images are still being used throughout their website! 

Marini Manufacturing Social Media Content Examples

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