Fix Your Mindset

Fix Your Mindset Case Study

Project Overview

Katherine, owner of Fix Your Mindset, wanted us to help her get her message across on her website that she attempted to make on Squarespace. While we don’t typically make websites on Squarespace, it is one of the website builders that are on our approved list! 

Fix Your Mindset is a performance coaching and mindset training business to help athletes and high-pressure business professionals be calm, cool, and collected under stressful situations. One of the coolest parts about working with Katherine was her own story since she was a two-time Olympic medalist in 2008. She credited a lot of her success to the program that she teaches today, and is an extra motivator of why she’s so passionate about it!

We made her website very user-friendly and more of an educational piece since mindset coaching can be a brand new subject for a lot of people.

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