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Econprint of Racine is a local commercial printer that was looking for help to get their name out into the market to supplement their direct mailing efforts.

We were able to quickly identify that they had a lot of untapped potential on LinkedIn since they had a decent-sized following already. They needed photos and videos to use for posting. We’ve been able to work with the team to create a social media marketing strategy, create photos and videos from their warehouse, and work directly with their clients to create testimonial videos!

Project Overview


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Social Media



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Monthly Engagement

LinkedIn Followers & Impressions

Our main goal with Econoprint was to increase their digital reach and to grow their audience as much as possible on social media. We specifically focused on growing their LinkedIn account because it was where we saw the most potential and early wins.

Within the first year, we were able to make a big impact. We helped grow their LinkedIn followers by 213%. We helped increase their monthly impressions on LinkedIn by 202% and their monthly engagement by a whopping 479%!

The management was able to tell the difference when their phones were ringing more than they had in a long time and they were getting repeat customers at a rate they never had before! Needless to say, Econoprint was impressed with what we were able to provide.

Econoprint of Racine Social Media Analytics

Social Media Content

A lot of the success that we saw was a direct reflection of the high-quality content that we were able to distribute on social media. Thankfully, the team at Econoprint is always willing to jump in front of the camera to answer questions we want to use for social media and that makes our job that much easier!

A quick win we were able to incorporate into their strategy was making the content more engaging by asking questions, asking for votes and overall just asking for engagement!


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