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Project Overview

Cornerstone Academy came to us initially to help get their old website ranking on search engines. We were able to complete an entire website audit and help resolve some of the problem areas to make sure their website was set up for success in Google’s eyes! Fixing title tags, meta descriptions, and helping make the copy of the website more user-friendly were our goals right out of the gate. They also never asked for Google reviews, so we helped generate a campaign to have their happy customers, help them! 

Within a few months, we were able to have a huge impact on their organic keyword rankings – Helping them rank number 1 in the Kenosha, WI area for a large number of local keywords such as Best Daycare in Kenosha, Daycare in Kenosha, etc. 

Once we were able to show results, Cornerstone wanted us to completely redesign their 10-year-old website, and we were very excited to do so especially since the old one wasn’t mobile optimized. After the new website build, they started ranking for more and more keywords, and are now ranking nationally for some keywords! 

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They are top notch! Superb communication with client needs! They listen, respond, and bring good ideas to the table. They have made our marketing needs much smoother and manageable for us. We have used a few marketing companies in the past, and no one has compared to SocialSurge. We are very happy customers!

The Results

Website Traffic Increase

Whenever we start working with a new small business, our goal is to pick the “low hanging fruit”. The quick changes we can make in a marketing strategy that can have a big impact, fast. We want to make sure to prove value to you right away, and make sure that your marketing dollars are being spent in the best way possible! 

As you can see in the chart below, there was a big change, fast! The orange line is organic traffic, and the increase in less than a year in organic traffic was a whopping 1354%!

Cornerstone Academy’s website was on the fence of success for year, but it just needed a nudge direction, and we were able to give their website that nudge with SEO best practices and Google review campaigns!

Daycare increase in organic traffic

Google Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are special boxes where the format of a regular search result is reversed, showing the descriptive snippet first. Read more about how Google’s Featured Snippets work.

Since snippets take up so much real estate on search query pages, and are at the very top of the results, they are a huge benefit for generating traffic to your site! 

There are ways you can create pages on your website to make them more likely to rank for featured snippets, and that’s a benefit of working with an SEO agency, such as SocialSurge! 

Fall activities in Kenosha Snippet

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