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Project Overview

The Clovis Culture is an online health and wellness community that was seeking to reach a larger audience with its nutrition and fitness weight loss plans and supplements, specifically using Instagram. We developed a new approach which involved the massive content development, introducing video content to their Instagram strategy, and changing the overall tone, theme, and personality of the account.

Introduction of a paid strategy allowed us to reach more people than ever before and grow their account by thousands of followers, or 842% monthly, that are of real people in their target demographic. And non of this is to mention the increase in sales we were able to help generate. 

Find out what kind of strategies we used to help The Clovis Culture reach their goals and learn how we can help your company do the same.

Our Strategy

Content Development

At SocialSurge we strongly believe that content is still king in the digital world. We started off working together by looking at all of the content that had been already created and what new content we could create! 

There was plenty of professional, commercial-grade, video already created, and we utilized this by repurposing a lot of this content into shorter videos optimized for Instagram specifically. 

We then took a look at this target market and helped brainstorm ideas that would help him and his Instagram succeed! 

Updated Tone/Theme

Before working with us, The Clovis Culture had never posted any of the video that was available onto Instagram. This was at a time when IGTV has just been introduced and video was becoming increasingly more popular on Instagram. We also added a design touch to all of the content being posted – something that was lacking before.  

Paid Advertising

We helped The Clovis Culture set up their catalog to be able to sell their products much easier and efficiently on Instagram. We also helped create audiences to succeed! 

The Clovis Culture's Instagram page saw an increase of monthly engagement of 879% which helped lead to much more exposure and a steady stream of new followers.

The Results

Instagram Followers & Impressions

Our agreed upon metric for success wasn’t sales for The Clovis Culture. He knew that with increased exposure to his brand and Instagram that the sales would come. So we ended up focusing on getting his Instagram page and content in front of as many people as possible. 

We were able to increase their monthly audience growth from less than 50 people gained per month to almost 700 relevant, real followers each month! 

We were also able to increase the monthly impressions from around 40,000 to nearly 200,000 each month! 

Needless to say, The Clovis Culture was impressed with what we were able to provide and the sales certainly followed too. 

Clovis growth and impressions

Instagram Engagement & Demographics

We also wanted to make sure that the increased impressions and followers were engaging with the content that we were posting on Instagram. That said, we were able to increase the audience engagement from less than 1,000 reactions monthly to nearly 10,000 reactions monthly. 

We were also to narrow down the target market and really push content to exactly who he was trying to find. Women in the US between the ages of 25 and 45. Not only we were able to increase the followers, impressions, and engagement, but we were able to do so in his exact target market! This was certainly a fun project to help with! 

Clovis engagement and audience Info

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