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Buffalo Grove Podiatry

It is amazing how much a new website that looks good AND performs well can change a business.

Buffalo Grove Podiatry, a privately owned podiatry office, was struggling to get leads through their website and wanted something new that looked modern and was set up for success to rank well on Google. They had searched far and wide for a website design agency that did both but were unable to find that true partner until they got in touch with us.

As it turns out, redesigning the website was just the tip of the iceberg. After speaking more about their goals, we decided that a simple redesign of the website was not enough. We developed an ongoing search engine optimization strategy to ensure their website’s long-term success and to capture those precious leads.

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Search Engine Optimization

While the website was being created, we were already thinking about the best way to approach the search engine optimization strategy for Buffalo Grove Podiatry. We invested a lot of time into our research to find the best way similar companies were finding success in their local areas and started implementing these strategies from the beginning. By creating an SEO strategy that was targeted to their local area and their specific customer's search tendencies, we were able to rank for more keywords than ever before, driving relevant traffic to their website.

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And what is better than tons of new keywords and traffic? More Leads! Buffalo Grove Podiatry saw a lot of them! From the time we began services, the number of leads collected per quarter increased 1100%. That is not a typo! This increase is a testament to why having an SEO mindset at every single point in a website redesign process can lead to amazing results!

Website Form Submissions Analytics for Buffalo Grove Podiatry

Website Redesign

When redesigning a website, it is important for us to learn more about the person who is going to be using the website to create something that will convert. We decided a simple design that made it easy for a patient to contact the office was the best option versus adding all sorts of bells and whistles. The final design is simple, modern, and meets the needs of their target market.

Buffalo Grove Podiatry Website Design

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