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Project Overview

Abrazo Coffee Shop came to us for a few reasons to start off. They initially wanted to talk to us about them not being able to be found on search engines, even after being a business for nearly half a year. They also didn’t love the look of their website and wanted some professional pictures. 

So we got to work! We took a bunch of new pictures for use on their website and social, redesigned their website with their mobile heavy audience, and completely reconstructed their SEO efforts. We were able to double their traffic within just a couple of months, and greatly increase overall user experience on their site! 

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Kevin and Eric are the best! We are a newer business and they are continually offering their assistance in helping us grow. They are always available when we have questions and are quick to assist when we have something that needs to be done.

The Results

Website Traffic Increase

When we starting talking with Abrazo Coffee, the first they wanted was increased traffic to their website. They didn’t understand why they weren’t ranking on search engines and they felt that their traffic was overall fairly low. 

We dove into the back-end of their site and helped confirm this theory. Most of their website wasn’t completed for SEO sake, especially on the back-end. We completed research to figure out how coffee lovers were using search engines in the Racine area, and we implemented our findings. Within a couple of months we were able to increase the organic traffic they were getting by over 300%! 

Abrazo Coffee Website Traffic Growth

Website Traffic Understanding

Something Abrazo Coffee didn’t think about initially was how many mobile visitors their website was getting. Over 75% of all of their traffic was coming from mobile and they didn’t have a mobile first mindset when they were designing their site! 

We helped them start from scratch and remind them how important their mobile website was. Their concern, like much business owners, was focusing too heavily on mobile and taking away from the desktop appearance of their site. 

We made sure their desktop website still looked great, but we wanted to focus on the majority of their website visitors, which was their mobile users. 

Abrazo Coffee website traffic broken down

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