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Able Luebke Overhead Doors

Able Luebke Overhead Doors was a little old school when it came to marketing. In fact, the reason their business starts with “Able” is because they wanted to be listed closer to the top of the Yellow Pages.

Now they were ready to modernize with a new marketing strategy. Like many other businesses, their main objective was for more leads. We also discussed how important brand awareness was in their industry and that building some name recognition would be beneficial as well.

With these goals in mind, we recommended both a search engine optimization strategy to help them compete for new leads and a social media strategy to help with brand awareness.

Project Overview


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SEO, Social Media



Ranking SEO Keywords



Calls from Google Maps



Social Media Engagement


Our initial goal for Able Luebke Overhead Doors doors was to get them ranking for as many new keywords as possible. Once we understood what keywords we could rank for quickly and easily, we could begin to optimize those keywords for higher rankings. Even in the first month, we were able to almost quadruple the number of keywords they were ranking for locally. A year later, they rank for almost 8x the number of keywords.

Ranking Keywords Analytics for Able Luebke Overhead Doors

Google Business Page

Because Able Luebke Overhead Doors is a local service provider, we also wanted to hone in on optimizing their Google Business Profile. By taking the time to update the information on their profile, adding new photos, and optimizing the listing overall, we saw a huge lift in the number of calls made compared to the previous year.

Calls from Google Maps Analytics Graph for Able Lubke Overhead Doors

Website Traffic

At the end of the day, the goal is to drive as much new traffic as we can to the Able Luebke Overhead Doors website. What good is ranking for tons of new keywords if they don’t drive traffic, right? Through our efforts, we saw a slow and steady increase in the amount of traffic coming to their website. Before, there would be days when not a single person would come to their site. Now, there is a steady stream of new visitors each and every day.

Website Traffic Analytics Graph for Able Luebke OverHead Doors

Social Media

With social media channels that had barely been touched in years, the only way to go was up! By implementing a simple social media strategy that is consistent and informational, we transformed both the Facebook and Instagram accounts into marketing tools that reach over 1000+ people each and every month!

Social Media Post Performance Analytics Graph for Able Luebke Overhead Doors

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