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Myths About Hiring A Marketing Agency

Myths About Hiring A Marketing Agency

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Working with small businesses has always been a dream of mine. I wasn’t raised by a small business owner, nor do I have a ton of experience running a small business (well besides this of course), but I always felt that it was where my drive was.

I want to fight for the little guy. The guy with a limited budget and limited resources and make their business into something that can be competitive, and better yet, win.

When Eric and I first started reaching out to small businesses, we discovered some pretty big themes as to why someone wasn’t marketing their small businesses or why they didn’t want or need help. Now, we aren’t the pushy type, so if you say that you do not need help, great, we aren’t going to keep bothering you until you change your mind.

Instead of that, I figured this would be a good place to get a little “salesy” and talk about some of the myths about working with a marketing agency and how we are a little bit different here at SocialSurge.

Myths About Hiring A Marketing Agency

1) I bet you charge an arm and a leg.

No, we really don’t.

Is it more expensive than you just doing the marketing yourself? Well ya, of course it is, we have to eat too ya know! However, we are much more reasonable than the other guys, and we don’t require a minimum budget to work with you. Many places won’t even consider helping unless you have $1,000, $5,000, or more to spend per month. On the flip side, our smallest client right now spends a little over $100 a month with us to run some Facebook ads. Sure, we can handle the big budgets too, but we pride ourselves on making your marketing dollars go a long way.

2) Only big companies need that.

It is quite the opposite really.

Big companies have a lot of things going for them. They have a budget, people, and resources dedicated to marketing their businesses. What do you have? Well, you have you! No matter how much you want to admit it, you really only have 16 working hours in a day, and I sure hope you don’t want to spend all of those working. Working with a company like ours gives you the ability to compete with the bigger companies by giving you time back in your day without having to go through the process of hiring a marketing person, paying them benefits, and doing all the things that go along with setting up payroll. Instead, you could work with a marketing firm that can learn your business and help you make the right decisions.

3) If you have worked with one agency, you have worked with them all.

Now this one is completely off base. I am actually a little hurt you think we are like all the other agencies. When the idea of SocialSurge Marketing was born, it was on the basis that we would not be like other agencies. Neither Eric nor I have any agency experience to our name. While some might see that as a disadvantage, we see it as a strength that lets us do things our way, not the way we learned about it at our last job. What we do have, however, if a combined 10+ experience of professional marketing skills that we will use to help you (not bad for a few 20 somethings right?).

Working with an agency is not what you think it might be like. We are here to make your company successful and if you do not succeed, we do not succeed. The thought of spending the extra dollars on a company marketing professionals can be a little scary, but hiring another person, or losing out on sales and customers could prove to be even more expensive. This article by DesignRush does a great job of discussing outsourcing digital marketing and how to find the right digital marketing agency for you!

We are different here at SocialSurge, and we hope to show you that difference.

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