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How to Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand Out in 5 Easy Steps

how to stand out on social media

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Everyone has a Facebook page….

It is not enough anymore to just be there.

Social media marketing can be a huge asset for your company, but many people create a Facebook page for their business and then just… do nothing.

There are plenty of benefits that your company can receive from social media, but the very first step is making your pages look as professional as possible.

We tell our clients all the time that the main goal of their Facebook page sometimes is not about the messages that you post, but whether or not it looks like you have your stuff together compared to the other guy.

Here are some super easy things you can tackle on your page to give off the message of professionalism and make people choose your business over others they might have found.

Make sure you have a NICE profile photo and cover photo

This might seem insulting and kind of a no-brainer, but you would be SHOCKED how many people have pictures that don’t look good, aren’t formatted correctly, or just look unprofessional. Go to your page right now on BOTH desktop and mobile. Is everything formatted correctly? If not, spend 5 minutes making things the right size so you can give the best first impression possible.

Edit your “About” section

The more information you have on your page the better. Even if a piece of information seems silly or useless, fill it out. Facebook has changed this section quite a bit over the last few years. Now, you can write a whole blog about your business and what it’s about. Take your time and fill it out carefully. The lack of information could turn someone away immediately, for example, if they don’t know when you are open or how to contact you.

Adjust your tone

When someone reads all the information on your page, what do you want them to know about you? That you are professional? Silly and Fun? No matter what your answer is, review your recent posts and all the information you just filled out in the “about” section. Social media is all about giving your business identity or personality. If your posts and profile don’t reflect that, you are going to have a hard time getting people to truly understand what you are all about. Here’s a quick video from Eric about using personal tone on Facebook and social media:

Add Services, Products, and Prices

If you have specific products or services you want people to know about, make sure to add them to your Facebook page. With your products right on your page, potential customers can see it more easily than making them click through to your website, making the overall experience better for everyone.

Post regularly

Before you even send invites out to your friends or current customers make yourself seem active and stay active. Something crazy we hear all the time is that people are afraid to post too much and annoy people. While yes, there is such a thing as posting too much, it is really hard to do, especially with how little organic reach posts are getting on the platform. Just make sure you’re posting relevant information and content and you will gain way more people than you lose.

Starting a Facebook page for your business is only the first step in the right direction for your business. You have to do much more than create a page though. Making sure that you are updating it regularly, customizing and being social are all huge parts of it. Now there is a lot more to it than that but it’s a start. Get going before you fall too far behind and let us know if you have any more questions about your social media accounts. Good luck!

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