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LinkedIn Company Page Features You Didn’t Know About

LinkedIn Company Hidden Features

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If you have a company, odds are you have a company page on LinkedIn! The LinkedIn company page may be a part of your social media landscape (and maybe your marketing strategy!), but it has other useful functions you may not have been aware of. 

Your LinkedIn company page is an extension of your brand, but also a tool you can use to grow a following, interact with employees, find new prospects, and more! 

LinkedIn Stories for Company Pages

Stories seem to be the new trend in the social media world, and LinkedIn hopped on the bandwagon! Like on other platforms, the stories appear at the top of LinkedIn’s homepage. You can post stories on your personal LinkedIn profile, but many people don’t know that you can also post Stories on your company page! 

As with Instagram stories or Snapchat, stories are a great way to post something “off the cuff.” If you have something quick to say that doesn’t necessarily warrant a post, stories may be the way to do it! 

Right now, LinkedIn Stories can only be viewed on mobile. As with other social media platforms, though, we anticipate that you will eventually be able to view stories on desktop as well.

Invite Connections to Like A Page

If you’re looking to grow your company’s LinkedIn page, you can invite connections through the company page to like it. Through the page admin view, go to “admin tools” and “invite connections.” 

We recommend inviting people who may be interested in your company to like the company page. According to LinkedIn, you are limited to sending out 100 invites (or “tokens”) per account, per month, so be mindful about that. The nice thing is if a connection accepts your invite, you get that token back to be used again. If you have connections that would be interested but do not like your page just yet, this is a quick and easy way to extend your reach!

See Employee Activity 

A company page allows you to see when your employees interact with company posts. There are a number of reasons as to why you would want to know this information. For starters, you can gauge what kinds of posts your employees like to interact with. The more interaction you get from employees, the wider access you have with their networks. 

Employees who interact with company posts also inform (to some level) the company of “employee advocacy.” High employee interaction may indicate that employees are happy to publicly advocate for their employer; this helps your company maintain a positive brand image. If an employee is happy to work for you, this often positively reflects their employer’s image online.

Notify Employees Of New Posts

For any post on your LinkedIn company page, you can notify your employees. A button will appear at the top where you can easily push the post out as a notification. The obvious benefit to this is that employees are more likely to read and interact with a post if it is pinged to them as a notification. It may only be worth doing this for important posts (you don’t want to spam your employees either!), but it’s an underutilized feature overall.

As we mentioned, your LinkedIn company page is an extension of your company’s brand. Not only is it a social media page, but it’s a tool you can use to grow your presence on LinkedIn. So post that story, engage with that employee, and post consistent content…it will help you more than you think!

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