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How to Pick the Right Content for Social Media

how to pick the right content for social media

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One of the most common questions we hear here at SocialSurge is, ”What type of content should I be posting? Should I be postings videos? Should I be posting photos? Should I be creating daily blogs and then posting them?”

A lot of people think this is a very cookie-cutter answer based on the type of company you are or the industry you are in. And while that does play a role in the type of content you should post or the platforms that you can post on, the biggest factor is what type of person you are.

If you are like most small business owners, you are the one that has to create the content, so what it comes down to is, what type of content you are good at making but also enjoy making.

You may be thinking, “Who cares what type of content I enjoy making? I want the coolest content that my audience is going to love the most…”. Well, the people who are following your pages are absolutely going to care. They’re going to care that you enjoy making your content for a few different reasons.

You have to be the one to create this content on a regular basis, so shouldn’t you actually enjoy it?

Picking a type of content that you enjoy creating is going to not only help your sanity, but there’s going to be a much bigger chance that you’ll actually do it. This especially holds true if you’re the one creating this content all on your own. Being consistent on social media is half the battle and this will help you actually achieve that consistency.

People love authentic content.

This is where creating content that you’re good at comes into play. If you’re great at talking to a camera to make videos, make videos. If you’re awesome at writing blogs, write blogs. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. It will pay off in the long-term and your audience will see that you are enjoying what you are doing.

You’ll get a lot more content than you think.

For example, if you’re going to be doing a podcast, you’ll have more than just audio for content. You can also take quotes from the podcast and create those into quote images. You could also record the podcast with a phone camera and you’ll have a bunch of video content you can use too. It’s an easy way to get video content if you don’t like talking directly to a camera.

Picking the right content for social media comes down to what type of person you are more than anything. Because one of the most important aspects of a new social media strategy is going to be consistency, and picking content you’ll actually make on a regular basis will start you off on a great path to success.

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