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How to Create Meaningful Content for Your Business’ Social Media

Creating Content for Your Business' Social Media

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Any business can jump onto a social media platform, click “New Post,” and type away. Just like that, content is posted for the world to see.

Just because content is posted, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always meaningful, quality content. Oftentimes, businesses are going through that robotic motion of “doing something they have to do,” but what they don’t realize is that disregarding a strong strategy and a working knowledge of how to successfully post on social media can be detrimental to their business and brand.

So, you ask, how do you ensure you’re posting quality content? You may even be wondering how to post on social media or what to talk about.

Well there’s a lot to it. But for now, in this blog, we’re going to dive into how you can make meaningful, quality social media content that will give users a better glimpse into your business.

Quality over quantity

If you don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to social media, that’s typically okay. In the grand scheme, it’ll be better for your business to have less posts of higher quality content, versus multiple low quality posts, that in the end aren’t connecting with your audience. If you can get one, high-value post out a week, that’s great!

Answer the questions that people come to your business for

As a business, you’re providing either a good or a service. People look to your business for their needs to help make their life easier.

Think about the specific situations your customers come to your business for. Think about the “why.” Why and what do people need your expertise for? Keep these at the forefront of your mind when creating content, and answer these questions throughout your social media posts.

Here’s one example: You own a personal training gym. Why do people need personal trainers? Why do people like having personal trainers? In this scenario, you could consider posting about how working with a personal trainer could help them begin their fitness journey, or maintain their fitness goals with the help of a professional in the field.

Help your audience find new information

As a business, you have the opportunity to provide new information to users visiting your page. Teach them something new by showing off your knowledge in your industry! After all, you are the expert.

Not only will it have users walking away with new information and hopefully influencing them to follow through with your product or service, but it will build your credibility for your business in the social media space.

But remember, you’re the expert. So make sure when you explain this new information, that it’s explained in a way that someone with zero knowledge could understand. And most importantly, try to make that information fun! What is extremely fascinating to you may not be as exciting to someone else. Think about the different ways you can communicate with your audience to get them excited about it too. Your passion will always shine through when you put a little extra oomph into your posts.

Use visuals to translate information

Avoid just text

I can’t stress this enough. Always use a supporting image or video for your copy. Text and a supporting image go together like shoes and socks. You never want to go without the other. You can, but if you do, you’ll regret it. Think about all of the “good” posts you see on social media and remember… They always have an accompanying visual piece, whether that’s a photo or a video.

Create infographics

Infographics are not only just fun to make, but are excellent for organizing information in a visually appealing way. We suggest using infographics for lists, tips, and tricks. Even if you are working with a lot of information, narrow your lists/tips/tricks down to a few points to keep it clear, concise, and straight to the point. (which is free), has plenty of infographic templates that you can adjust to your own.

Make short videos

Videos are another great way to relay information to users. Yes, you can put information in a picture or write it in the copy, but videos change up the norm, and make for an exciting post with a touch of your personality! We recommend keeping it under one minute, even ideally less than 30 seconds, because attention spans are getting shorter and shorter these days.

Use the features on the different social media platforms

Every platform is different in terms of what it offers for features. Use them!

Facebook: Allows you to do many things on posts, but for a business, you’d likely simply post a photo/video, host a question & answer, or start a live video.

Instagram: Instagram has multiple features such as posting static posts, Stories, Reels (video), TV (videos that are longer than a minute), and guides.

Tip: that the more you use these features, the more your account will be rewarded by the platform.

LinkedIn: Another great platform with many features! You can post photos, videos, a document, create a poll, and share that you’re hiring.

Other platforms like X have similar features! Play around with them and see how they are different from one another and how your users engage with them. Using the features on the different platforms also shows that you’re in-the-know of the social media space.

Be engaging and original

Originality and authenticity is one key to success on social media. Users love seeing authentic content, which is usually what trips their trigger and results in them engaging with your content. Think about the kind of content you enjoy seeing on other businesses pages. It’s probably interesting, fun to look at, maybe teaches you something new, and provides you with some sort of end goal. Before posting, ask yourself if this aligns with your business and brand.

Everything you post should be connected to your business, whether that be photos, videos, infographics that you create or find on the internet, quotes, information, the list goes on. Remember that social media is now a key part of marketing. You shouldn’t be going through the motions, posting just to post to cross it off your checklist and say you did it.

Now is your time to avoid mindless posting and be MORE mindful of the content you’re sharing with your audience. There is so much value in high-quality, meaningful social media content!

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