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How To Get Over Writer’s Block For Your Blog

How To Get Over Writer's Block For Your Blog

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Creating a blog is one of the best things you can do for your business. It helps with everything from SEO and making your business easier to find, to simply giving your company a voice. However, to truly make it effective, you have to post as regularly as possible.

On our blog, we try to get a post up every single week. While that is less than a lot of other companies out there, it can get tough to think of a topic every single week.

If you are struggling to come up with the next great idea for your blog, here are some ways how to get over writer’s block and to get those creative juices flowing.

(Quick side note: I hate the term “creative juices”. It just sounds gross.)

4 Tips To Get Over Writer’s Block

Tip #1 is something that I am putting into practice right now. If you are struggling to write a post, just look at the world around you or the situation you are currently in, and write about it! The reason I am writing this post is that I had a tough time all week trying to think of a good topic. It was only this morning that I figured out that my struggle for a good topic was actually the answer to my problems.

Tip #2 can really help you get a blog post out fast. From an SEO perspective, blog posts are most searchable when they are around 2100 words. That is a really long post. It is tough to find enough topics to write that much about – let alone how much actual time it will take to write it. Remember, that while writing longer posts is great, not every single post has to be a massive essay. Find a topic that is simple, easy to write about, and easy to consume by your ready and you can find success.

Tip #3 keeps your business relevant to what is going on in the world. When looking for a topic, just Google common words in your industry and click on the news tab. Find an article that is recent and react to it! For me, it might be that Snapchat came out with a new feature or that a new study has given an interesting insight into a new area of marketing. I can easily read it, link it in my blog post, and just react to whatever the findings are. These types are easy because a lot of the content is already there, you just need to give your opinion.

Tip #4 is one that can be pretty tough. Especially for me, since I am not a writer, but you should learn to like writing.

Ever since I can remember, I hated having to write anything, of any length. Moving through school, I watched as the papers grew from 2-3 paragraphs to 20-30 page research papers and marketing plans. The entire time, I was miserable –  writing was something I didn’t think I was good at, nor did I really enjoy doing.

It was toward the end of my senior year of college that things started to turn. Today, I actually enjoy writing these blog posts every week and am constantly trying to think of new and fun ideas to write about.

I know there are a lot of people out there that are just like how I was not that long ago. Writing can be hard, time-consuming, and not a very enjoyable experience. This skill, however, is incredibly important to your marketing and how you communicate about your business. Hopefully, with these tips, you can actually look forward to writing and start to generate the great content you have always wanted.

Here’s How I Learned To Like Writing

Write about things you like

It makes it a lot easier to write something when the topic is one that you are passionate about. For instance, I like marketing, so writing a blog post like this doesn’t take me long, and I actually enjoy doing it!

Develop your own style

They teach you a lot of things in school and about the “Dos and don’ts” of writing. However, once whatever you are writing no longer receives a grade, you can throw it all out the window and create the style of writing that you want and are most comfortable with.

Write the way you speak

This is important for writing but also for editing. When I am writing and get stuck on how to communicate something, I will typically say to myself, “How would I say this?”. When we read, we talk to ourselves in our head, so if you write the way you talk, the reader should be able to understand you much better. Also, when editing something you wrote, make sure you read it out loud to yourself.

Don’t stress about the little stuff

Did I remember every single comma? Do I really like this topic? Will people like it? When it comes to writing, don’t worry about these types of questions. When you just sit down and decide that you are going to write something, do it with confidence and everything will flow much easier.

Even the best writers hit a wall sometimes, but using these tips can help you get over the hump and create some awesome content that your readers will enjoy!

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