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Cracking the Code on Facebook Ads for Chiropractors

facebook ads for chiropractors

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Let’s Crack the Code on Facebook Ads for Chiropractors…

See what I did there?

If you are new to the world of Facebook ads, the whole thing can be pretty overwhelming. There are all sorts of ad types, targeting options, and types of content that you can share with your audience with chiropractor Facebook ads.

I would love to tell you that there is no bad way to do it, but there are many bad ways, in fact, probably more bad ways than good. But don’t worry, I got your back (Boom! Another one!)

So, let’s build some ads together! Here are 3 unique ad types that your office can use right now to attract new patients, grow your practice, and ultimately provide the best care possible! Now some of these chiropractor Facebook ads might work for you, others might be a little bit out of your zone, that’s ok! You can always tweak the Facebook ads or audience to fit your needs, and I am hoping that just seeing how some of these ads are built might help you come up with ideas of your own!

1. Target people like your patients and customers

Already have a pretty good patient email list and are looking for a new way to reach those individuals? Facebook Lookalike audiences make it easy to do!

First, go to your Asset Library can select the audience. This is what you should see. From here, click the big blue button that says “Create Audience’. From there, on the drop-down menu select “Lookalike Audience”.

Learning about lookalike audiences for chiropractors

Next, you are going to get a few pop-ups asking you exactly what you want to do. On the first screen, click on “customer file” and on the next, select “add customers form your own profile”.

Creating a custom audience for chiropractors on Business Manager

Finally, Drag and drop your CSV file onto the page and follow the steps to complete your audience. Make sure you give your audience a good name so it is easier to find later. ie – Current patient lookalike audience *today’s date*

Continuing the custom audience creation process on Facebook Ads Platform

Now we aren’t going to walk you through creating a whole campaign around your audience, you can use the rest of the sections of our blog for that, but in order to use that audience for whatever ad you want to create, search for it in the audience section of the Facebook ad platform during creation. It should be in there ready to use!

Continuing the Lookalike audience creation

Now that you have your audience uploaded and ready to use, think about the different ways you can connect with them. Maybe it is an offer for discounted treatment, or maybe you run special giveaways just for them. All these things are possible now that your lookalike audience is created! There are a lot of different ways on Facebook to keep these people engaged.

2. Target specific interests with a promotion to attract them to your office

One of the most useful tools chiropractor Facebook ads have to offer is the “interests” targeting options.

In the world of Facebook ads, interests are things that people have expressed they might possibly have an interest in, both on and OFF Facebook. That’s right, Facebook knows your interests based on your other web activity. How you ask? Well, that is a blog post for another day, but just know that it is possible to know your interests by the other websites that you visit. There are a lot of surprising ways to target people with Facebook Ads.

But how do you know which interests to select? Here are some of our favorites for Chiropractors:

  • Chiropractors: I know, mind-blowing right? All kidding aside this is obviously a great place to start. These are people that likely already like a chiropractic page on Facebook, have interacted with other chiropractor ads, or might be visiting multiple different chiropractic websites doing their own research. Either way, these are people that are clearly interested in what chiropractors have to offer and could be willing to take the next step if they are given the right reason to do so. Check out an example of an ad below that might get their attention.
  • Pain Management: Why do people seek out chiropractors? I would assume it’s not because they feel absolutely amazing and they are in no pain whatsoever… Those people who are looking for ways to better manage their pain would fall under this category. Maybe they have already searched for chiropractors, or they have never considered it as an option. Either way, showing them an ad like this might be a good way to start getting someone to try something different.
  • Running, Cycling, or other active interests: While many people may visit your office for basic adjustments from the wear and tear of everyday life and other medical conditions, many are looking for relief from pain caused by their active lifestyles and other activities they take part in. While these interests might be a little smaller, it is totally worth it to create individual audiences for each so you can create very specific ad copy for them. Take a look at what something might look like for a runner.
What an audience for Facebook Ads for Chiropractors could look like

3. Promote gift cards by targeting friends with birthdays and more

Another great targeting option that allows you to get a little creative is the ability to target people who have friends with birthdays coming up, that were recently engaged, recently married, recently had children, and a lot more.

Targeting on Facebook based on life events

What do all these things have in common? These people will all need to buy gifts soon for these special events going on with the people in their lives. Do you know what sounds like a nice gift to me? The gift of helping cure someone’s pain with some chiropractic adjustments! After you build the audience, put together a few chiropractor Facebook ads that offer discounts on gift cards or a special bundle pricing when you are buying for someone else. These types of ads will provide revenue to your business and hopefully bring new people through your door.

Mock Giftcard Facebook ad

Bonus: Retarget to your current website visitors or patients

If you already know that you get a good amount of traffic to your website but they just aren’t converting and turning into chiropractic patients, a great option for you is to start Facebook retargeting ads. Retargeting is basically using code to track which individuals have made it to your website and serve them up more ads and content across the web with the hope of feeding them down your sales funnel.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to give a few of these Facebook Ad ideas a try for your chiropractic practice? If you are looking for more chiropractor Facebook ads ideas, or just feel like bouncing an idea or two off of someone else, check out some of the work we’ve done for a Chiropractor in the past!

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