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Why Conversion Tracking Is The Missing Link In Your Paid Ads Strategy [Vlog]

Why Conversion Tracking Is The Missing Link In Your Paid Ads Strategy

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Whether your goal is sales, leads, followers or engagement, these conversion codes can help you accomplish it.

Today’s topic is a little more technical, while at the same time, so important. That is, conversion tracking.

What is Conversion Tracking?

Conversion tracking is the idea of keeping tabs on people that are going to your website and making sure that they are converting into “sales” for you. On the flip side, conversion tracking can help you understand website activity for the people who don’t convert. This will ultimately help you figure out what you can serve up to them to interest them so that they do eventually convert.

Here, we are going to talk strictly about the Facebook pixel, but other platforms such as Google and X have a very similar pixel that does practically the same thing.

Pixel/conversion code

A pixel is a snippet of code that goes onto your website, essentially capturing everything a person does, tracking all their activity on and off their website. Then, it reports your activity back to the platform that it started from. In this case, it would communicate that back to Facebook.

Yes, we realize this sounds a little creepy…and unfortunately, not many people know about this. But… you agreed to it in the Terms & Conditions that you most likely didn’t read. But with iOS14, there will be a lot less data with iPhone users. Read more about how iOS14 is impacting conversion tracking.

Pixels can do so much for your business and really take it to the next level.

Specific Conversion Code Example

You own a gym. You have been running ads to get people to sign up for a one free day trial. What you’d do is, place the code onto the form fill out page, as well as the thank you page, to see who’s converting into sales. You see a ton of people signing up (awesome!).

The next thing you’ll want to look at is who isn’t converting. Once you get that audience put together, you can target these people with a different offer, such as a free one-week trial instead. This ad could be the ad that gets those people who didn’t originally convert, to convert.

Broad Conversion Code Example

You have an e-commerce website with a ton of different products on your website. Conversion tracking will tell you exactly what pages people look at, and help you define which products people really like. With this information, you can now serve up an ad to the individuals who didn’t convert and left your site, and offer them 10% on that specific product. This will hopefully turn them into a customer, and eventually a returning customer!

Whether your goal is for sales, leads, followers, or engagement, conversion codes can help you. If you’re doing ads on Facebook, Google, X, or LinkedIn, you definitely need to look into this if you aren’t already using conversion tracking!

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