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How your Business Benefits from Social Media

How your Business Benefits from Social Media

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If you’re asking how your business can benefit from Social Media, you’re already one step behind your competition. As far as I’m concerned every business can benefit in some way, shape, or form from Social Media (if you find one who can’t, I’ll buy you dinner). Social Media is an incredible tool for small businesses for many reasons!

Go ahead and sign up for Facebook right now… I’ll wait…We even wrote a blog with tips for creating your Facebook page.

Back? Alright good. Let’s get started on why you just went and did that now.

  1. Social media is free! Yeah, you heard that right, FREE. Social media is almost always free unless you update to premium packages or decide to invest in advertising, but that is a conversation for another blog post. – Why boosting Facebook posts is a good strategy.
  2. Social Media is a tool that allows you to try all sorts of new types of campaigns. You are able to run contests, get your business on the map, and engage with customers all, we can’t stress this enough FO’ FREE! When a person hears about a business one of the first things we do in today’s world is check Facebook and see what other people have to say about them. You can usually tell a little about the personality of business by their Facebook posts. If they have no Facebook, X, or aren’t listed on any online maps, they tend to look a little less reputable than competitors.
  3. Networking. The keyword in “social media” is social. If you aren’t on Social Media, you’re missing possible opportunities to engage with current and potential customers. Missing a possible customer just because you or your business doesn’t have a Facebook is a real possibility
  4. Advertising. We have made a big deal so far about social media being free. While this a major benefit, paying for advertising on social media can also pay off big time. Social media sites know a lot of information about you. Ya, creepy right? While it might make you think twice before posting a status, it allows your business to target people in incredible detail, which allows you to get the most bang for your buck.

Missing out on all of this? Do you still think that any of these can’t be completed for your business? Not every single Social Media site will benefit you, but we can certainly help you out! Contact Us and we can do a Free Assessment.

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