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8 Of The Best Places In Milwaukee To Take Pictures

best places in milwaukee to take pictures

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Are you looking to elevate your content without leaving the city? Milwaukee is home to many unique and beautiful spots perfect for capturing eye-catching photos and videos. Build your online presence and showcase everything Milwaukee has to offer by visiting these iconic scenes and, in our opinion, some of the best places in Milwaukee to take pictures!

1. Urban Ecology Center

The Urban Ecology Center is a nonprofit organization with three locations in Riverside Park, Washington Park, and the Menonmee Valley. Within these locations are a plethora of trails, woodlands, water, and greenery. Perfect and picturesque for any nature lover with lots to explore!

Urban Ecology Center
Photo Credit: Julia Lazraski

2. Mitchell Park Domes

The Mitchell Park Domes are a true horticulture gem of the city tourists and locals alike love. It features three living museums of a desert oasis, tropical jungle, and floral garden. The floral dome changes 5 times a year so there is always something new to gaze at.

Mitchell Park Domes
Photo Credit: William Dougherty

3. Black Cat Alley

This outdoor gallery of murals on the east side features artists from Milwaukee to Berlin. Walkthrough and see the colorful expressions that make a perfect backdrop for any photo.

Black Cat Alley
Photo Credit: Terence Faircloth

4. Milwaukee Art Museum

One of the most popular destinations in the city is the art museum. Not only does it hold hundreds of alluring pieces inside, but the building designed by Calatrava is an architectural masterpiece. From the walkway, you can see marvelous views of Lake Michigan and the city.

Milwaukee Art Museum
Photo Credit: Wokandapix

5. Villa Terrace

This unique mansion turned decorative art museum is unlike anything else in the area. It features an enchanting garden, an Italian renaissance inspired home, and an extensive art and gallery space. Villa Terrace looks over the lakefront, giving a one-of-a-kind view of Lake Michigan.

Villa Terrace
Photo Credit: Ray Wang 2022

6. Pfister Hotel

The Pfister is a historic landmark of Milwaukee first opened in 1893. The hotel houses the largest Victorian art collection of any hotel in the world. Step inside and you can see the culture, history, and art from the bar to the ballroom. Picture perfect!

Pfister Hotel
Photo Credit: Cragin Spring

7. Lake Park

Lake Park has breathtaking views of Lake Michigan from quaint meadows and trails. They lead to unique destinations like the North Point Lighthouse, a place every photographer should have in their portfolio.

Lake Park
Photo Credit: Craig Rucks

8. Atwater Park

Atwater Park arguably might have the best view of the lake in the Milwaukee area. This 5-acre park in Shorewood has a trail made for runners down to the lakefront where you can find locals swimming and enjoying the view in the summer.

Atwater Park
Photo Credit: Neil DeKarske

You don’t need any fancy equipment to get started with upgrading your video or picture game. Visiting ideal locations and using your phone’s camera can make a bigger difference than you might think before going for it. Also as an added plus, if you end up deciding to go to these places in Milwaukee to take pictures, it’s a great excuse to visit a few areas that you haven’t gone to before.

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