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7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Email List

7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Email List

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Making your company look credible and professional is incredibly important for any small business. One way to do that is by having a consistent message across multiple contact points. Email marketing is one of the channels that many small businesses overlook because other things seem more important, however, It is one of the oldest forms of Internet marketing and it is still around for a reason – it works. Here are 7 reasons why your small business should start gathering emails today:

1. Targeting. Everyone who is on your email list wants to be on it. In order to be on your email list, they must have “opted in” and therefore, found something that you do interesting and worth their time. This gives you a specific topic to focus on in your emails so you know it is material that they want to see.

2. Everyone has an email. Well, not quite everyone, but it is pretty close. In fact, 85% of people actively send and receive emails. With that many people using it, it seems crazy to not be using it to your advantage.

3. Email is direct communication. By using an email list, you have a direct path to send whatever message you want. You can even customize the message specifically to each individual, including special offers and deals.

4. Forwarding. If your subscriber feels that they know someone who may benefit from what you sent them in an email, they have the ability to forward your email to those who they feel will benefit from it. Giving you a better chance to not only get your well written, content rich, email read by more people but also to get more traffic driven to your website.

5. Credibility. Having a email list signup form on your website allows you to look more professional. The more ways a person can receive updates from you and be reminded of you, the better. Not only does it show your clients that you know what you’re doing, but it allows for you to send reminders to them.

6. Reminders. Those who signed up are obviously interested in what you have to offer. They sometimes just need a reminder to contact you for your services. If your subscribers don’t see an email from you regularly, they may forget who you are and forget how they signed up. Remind them where they signed up and who you are.

7. The right direction. You are able to point your subscribers to what they want to see on your website. If they are on a mission to just get to a certain point on your website it saves all of the unneeded searching. Make it as easy on your clients as possible.

Having an email list that is being emailed to regularly can have many great benefits if you are conducting email marketing services correctly. But their benefits can be lost and even hurt you if you are email marketing incorrectly. Be sure to educate yourself in email marketing before creating an email list and sending out emails to your lists. Email marketing is still around for a reason. Remember to utilize it correctly for the best results.

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