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5 Surprising Ways You Can Target People With Facebook Ads in 2019

5 Surprising Ways You Can Target People With Facebook Ads

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People put a lot of information on Facebook. Everything from their relationship status, to where they work and what their specific interests are in music, food, and more.

Now to the average user, they are filling this information out to complete their profiles. However, what they are really doing is giving them information that fuels Facebook’s money machine. Advertising.

All the information that you fill out on Facebook is used by advertisers to target you with their ads. It is actually a brilliant business model when you think about it. Billions of people voluntarily telling you exactly what they are interested in and important information about their lives. Why wouldn’t you use it?

However, Facebook ads don’t stop just at the things you fill out to make your profile. Any time you post a status, image, or video, Facebook logs that information and attempts to make assumptions about you.

As a small business, all this data is at your fingertips. By using Facebook targeting, you can use this information to target people that you think are most likely to buy your product or service. Some of the criteria you can target are pretty cool… and some are actually kinda creepy…

Here are the 5 most surprising ways you can target people using Facebook ads.

1) Page Admins

One of our favorite targeting options for people looking to connect with small business owners is by targeting Facebook page admins. These are people who own and control business Facebook pages which often makes them small business owners and marketing professionals. If you are in B2B or are trying to target people in marketing, this is a great way to do it!

2) Stuff your friends are doing

Have friends that recently got engaged? Got married? Had a baby? Facebook knows that these important life events mean that you will likely be looking for gifts in the near future. By being able to target people based on their friends’ life events, it opens the door to some clever marketing ideas.

3) Tourists

Are you a business in a big city that thrives on tourists? You can actually target them with your ads. Facebook knows where your main city is and is aware of when you are in a place you normally are not in. They categorize these people into a group called “away from hometown”. You can serve these people up ads especially for people on vacation and might see some awesome results from it!

4) Pretty much anything anyone would be interested in

Want to find people who are interested in rap music, financial services, and the Green Bay Packers? It can easily be done using Facebook advertising. And it does not end there, you can get so specific, you can target people on things like…..

5) Eggs

Do you like eggs? If yes then you fit into a group of people 62 million strong. How incredible is it that you can literally target someone based on whether or not they like eggs?

Now are eggs in themselves something you want to target on? Probably not, but you might want to target people who eat beef, or like orange juice, or maybe someone who is vegan. There are so many incredible ways to target using Facebook advertising. The users of Facebook openly give out information about themselves and what they are interested in, leaving behind an in-depth database that your business can use to its advantage.

I would like to add that while yes, some people don’t like that Facebook uses their information for advertisers, just remember, we ALL signed up for it when we agreed to their terms and conditions. What? You didn’t think Facebook was actually “free” did you?

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