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4 Tips For Social Media Marketing In Healthcare

Social media marketing for healthcare

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Since we started SocialSurge Marketing, we have always had a soft spot in our hearts for working with companies in the healthcare/health and wellness industries.

From healthcare providers and experts to medical technology and sales, the healthcare industry is full of incredible and knowledgeable professionals who have a lot of good information to share with a big audience.

So as a company focused on healthcare, how can you leverage social media marketing to help grow your practice?

1) Create content that provides value and knowledge

Content is the fuel that your social media marketing engine runs on. After all, if you don’t have something to share, how can you share it?

Being in the healthcare industry, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge and information that you can share with your audience. Teaching people more about the technology you use or the services you provide allows you to build trust with potential customers and show off just how knowledgeable you are.
Let’s say, for example, you are a dentist. You could create content around what happens during a cleaning, showing the process of how a cavity is filled, or even dispelling common myths that people hear about dental health.

Or perhaps you are a provider of advanced medical carts for healthcare workers. Teaching people about your products, the types of technology used throughout, and even the customization opportunities are all great examples of content you could (and should) have on hand.

Of course, there are limits to what types of content you can make based on regulations in the healthcare industry. Making sure that your content isn’t seen as “giving medical advice” can be a tricky thing to do, but is necessary to save yourself from potential issues. To avoid this issue, simply make sure you are not telling someone how to treat something, but rather, just educate on how YOU treat and be sure to tell people to visit with a medical professional.

2) Reviews are like GOLD for healthcare professionals

When it comes to their health, people want to make sure whatever service they’re choosing is the best one out there. Because of that fact, customer reviews are one of the biggest places for you to put your time and energy.

So, how do you get them? It’s simple…. You ask!

Yes, it really is that easy. No matter what service you provide, simply ask your happiest customers to give you a review on Facebook, Google, or any other place where your practice, products, or services might be listed. You’ll be surprised how fast your best patient or customer will head to your social media page and leave you a review!

If you are looking to supercharge this process, you could offer a discount, a piece of SWAG, or any type of benefit to get even more reviews at a faster rate.

But remember – most of the time, all you have to do is ask.

3) Go live to show how it’s done!

One of the most underused tools on social media channels is live streaming. Both Facebook and Instagram have the ability for a user to go live and broadcast to their audience.

In the healthcare industry, live streaming is an incredible tool for you to have a real and raw conversation with your audience, teach them something new, and show them your personality along the way.
For example, a medical equipment supplier may go live on Facebook to answer questions about their most recent product release. This allows people to join in, ask questions they have, and get real-time answers from the professionals themselves before investing in one of your products.

Another idea might be for a dentist to go live and answer some questions about the type of pain someone may be experiencing after getting a major dental procedure using your knowledge and expertise, and potentially convert those viewers into customers in the long term.

4) Use Facebook ads to promote healthcare services

Looking to reach new audiences, target specific users, and boost your business out on the social media world? Use paid advertising!

Facebook ads are still the best bang for your buck in the marketing biz, especially for the healthcare industry. If you spend some time researching, preparing, and running your ads correctly, a business may only need to spend between $25 – $100 per month to reach a MASSIVE amount of people.

Our advice to get started with ads is the same for almost everyone: BOOST! While boosting Facebook posts is meant to be simple and easy, there are still some mistakes you can make that will make your advertisements much less effective. If you are looking for some advice, we wrote a blog to help you learn how to boost a Facebook post the right way.

social media ecosystem graphic

Above is a picture of the “social media ecosystem” that we often refer to for our clients. It shows the importance of every piece of the puzzle for social media. For companies in the healthcare industry, every piece of the puzzle is just as important as the next.

For the most part, social media for healthcare companies doesn’t differ very much from other businesses. To have a successful strategy it takes quality content, consistency, and a little bit of paid advertising to give you that extra boost.

Remember, you have so much amazing knowledge to share with others, much more than you may think, and social media marketing lets you do that in a fun and engaging way. If you’re looking to take the next step in your social media marketing, but aren’t exactly sure how – contact us today to see if our team is the right fit for you and your marketing strategy.

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