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LinkedIn Company Page Features You Didn’t Know About

2024 LinkedIn Company Page Insights

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LinkedIn is a key channel for many social media strategies. It is a unique platform as it can help businesses accomplish multiple goals from marketing and sales, to HR and hiring.

No matter what the goal is for a company, it all runs through the same place: LinkedIn company pages. 

A lot of businesses do the basics on their company pages. They post some things, put a job up every once in a while, and then log out. By doing this, many companies are missing out on a big opportunity to leverage LinkedIn in bigger ways that will make their strategy even more successful. 

Your LinkedIn company page is an extension of your brand, but also a tool you can use to grow a following, interact with employees, find new prospects, and more! 

Invite Connections to Like A Page

Growing your following on your company’s LinkedIn page is often one of the biggest goals for organizations. If you’re looking to grow your audience, you can invite personal connections through the company page to follow it.

invite connections to your page

You should be inviting as many people as possible to follow your LinkedIn page. This tool is particularly useful for those who might have large personal LinkedIn audiences but are struggling to get those connections to like your company page. 

Only administrators of the page are allowed to invite connections, so be strategic with people in your company with a large number of personal connections and allow them access. 

Each company is allowed to invite up to 250 people per month. If someone accepts your request, you get one of those “credits” back to invite someone new. Using this tool can help your page grow and audience very quickly.

See Employee Activity 

Employee activity is one of the keys to success on a company’s LinkedIn page. If you are able to engage your employee base and get them active on your account, you are going to reach thousands of people that you never would have been in front of otherwise. 

That is why having insight into your employee’s activity on your company page can be a very powerful tool. 

In order to see your employee’s activity, simply go to your activity feed and keep an eye out for the “Employee activity Tag”

From there, you will be able to see who is reacting to your posts, sharing them, or tagging you in your own content. Make sure to interact with your employees as well to get even more impact!

linkedin employee activity

Notify Employees Of New Posts

For any post on your LinkedIn company page, you can notify your employees in order to get them to interact with it.

notifying employees of linkedin post

Go to any post on your company page and click the 3 dots in the upper right. One of the options is to “notify employees”. Once you click that button, all of your employees will receive a notification on their personal profiles that a post has gone out. Make this a best practice for your organization to make sure employees know about your content!

Creating A LinkedIn Newsletter

Being able to publish blog posts has been a feature for some time, however, being able to turn those into a recurring newsletter that people can subscribe to is brand new!

In order to do this, head over to your company page home and hit the blue “create” button under your profile image. Once there, click “Create newsletter” and follow the process from there. You can select how often you want to publish it, give it a title, and add its own profile photo. You can also invite your connections and company page followers to subscribe to it!

creating a linkedin newsletter

Just another tool in your belt to make growing your company page a little bit more. 

LinkedIn PDF Posts

It is still surprising to us how few people know about LinkedIn PDF posts. We have implemented these into almost every LinkedIn strategy we have and they are consistently our top-performing posts.

To make a long story short, LinkedIn PDF posts allow you to upload a PDF document onto the platform and use it as a piece of content. Each page of the document creates a slide that can be clicked through.

You might be thinking about all the sell sheets and infographics that you have on hand that you can post, but the best way to use these types of posts is to make them simple, informational, and impactful. 

Experiment with LinkedIn PDF posts and you’ll quickly see just how impactful they can be for your strategy. 

LinkedIn is like every other social media platform… it’s always changing. They are always adding new features, many of which are lost in the shuffle. It is important to know what some of these hidden features are so you can leverage them to gain as much success as possible. We can tell you that the majority of companies are not using these features, which will set you apart from everyone else in your industry!

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